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Shihua Lai
03-18-2014, 06:23 AM
At the 5th month of her pregnancy, she received news that her parents were dead. She really wanted to attend their funeral but she didn't dare as her relatives may make fun of her. She told Uller," My parents are dead because of Captain Fangtooth." He empathized with her and tried to comfort her but it was difficult. A few days past, she looked better but she still looked sad.
At the birth of her child, which was in the night, Uller's parents were in Kraag. Luckily, they did not spot him with Himingleva as now the father was the king and has the power to kill Himingleva's child.
In the tavern, where there was only Villi and both of them, Villi saw Uller's parents. I do not know how Villi knew about Uller's parents hate for Kolgans, maybe he stalked them before but he tried to muffle Himingleva's screams to stop attracting them to enter inside the now "closed" tavern. After giving birth, they named their child Bjorn.

What happened after defeating Grimnr

His parents found out he had a child with a Kolgan and sent orders to kill Villi, Uller and Himingleva. But they escaped. Villi changed his identity to Petrox, who now sells armor in Brackenridge. Himingleva changed her identity to General Priska and Uller changed his identity to Algernon. The king did not know that Bjorn was Uller and Himingleva's child. Uller and Himingleva still keeps in contact secretly and even secretly married each other but they could not raise a happy family like they wished.

Shihua Lai
03-18-2014, 06:25 AM
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Who is bjorn??

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Oh u noe Bjorn the retired legend?

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Shihua Lai
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U can find him in kraag

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Oh nice story btw

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Laishihua Officer of Northzide Soldiers

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nice story

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Was hoping that Villi would be introduced earlier

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