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03-19-2014, 05:26 AM
Once upon a time there were three strong heroes who lived in the land of Arlor.Their names are; Uller-a warrior,Himegleva-a rouge,Vili-a sorcerer...In their adventures they came across a certain place named Brakenridge.There they met Gustav a sorcerer of the Brakenridge.Gustav told the three that goblins are attacking Brakenridge and they need their help.So the three hurriedly ventured to the forest.After a few minutes of looking for goblins they found the goblin warrior named Staab.They fought with the goblin until they finnaly killed it.After they killed Staab they buried it and left..They walked a little farther they found some refugees and the refugees said that someone is going to poison the Aqueducts.After hearing what the refugees said the three hurriedly went there.After they arrived there they found a goblin sorcerer named Krax Wildstorm.Krax challenged them in battle and the three succesfully defeated the goblin socerer.They were glad that they were able to stop the poisoning.But some refugees ran to them and told them that the Village is on fire.They were shocked upon hearing it so they ran hurriedly to the village.There they met Jarl Gruwald the jarl of Brakenridge along with some goblins.The three asked him why did he ally with the goblins but Jarl did not respond instead he commanded the goblins to attack the three.Uller said that he will handle the goblins so Himengleva and Vili went to jarl.who is trying to escape.But with Himengleva's agility and with the help of Vili's sorcery they easily defeated the jarl.Not long after they killed the jarl Uller just finished killing the goblins.Then they were shocked when one goblin with a bow appeared before them.The goblin spoke and he told the three that he is Thunk One Eye.Thunk attacked them and they battled.After the long battle they defeated him and they walked to the nearest refugee camp.There someone told them that there is something weird happening in the Gold Mines.So the three hurriedly went there.After hours of searching for a clue they found a portal.As they approched a fat goblin appeared.The name of the goblin is Ghul Bellybottom a goblin warlord.He told the three that he is behind all the attacks in Brakenridge and Ghul tried to attack Vili.But Uller blocked the attack and Himegleva hurriedly went to a safe place where she can assasinate Ghul.After finding the right place she aimed her bow at the warlord and Booom!!!Headshot!!They killed the goblin warlord.They were so happy but a few minutes a strange voice came from the portal. It said that "this is not the end heroes"then a hand tried to grab Vili to the portal but Himengleva quickly shot an explosive that blew up the portal.After a few minutes if thinking then came up with a conclusion that the Goblins were trying to summon a Demon Lord from other dimension.But they were so happy that they saved the villagers of the Brakenridge and stop the invasion.

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