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The Dragon Enclave Chapter 1 :- Dragon Slayer

" I'm Knight of Arlor. I am currently on middle of no where. After few hours of walking, I found a small village and a place to rest. It was noisy, dirty and stinky. Bottles everywhere. I have no choice. While I was resting, there's a drunk mercenary came by and tell everyone about myth rumors."

" So I heard the myth that there was a undefeated dragon inside the cave near The Rockhorn Summit. He was called Alargan. After making a preparations for two days, I have decided to seek it out if it was true. When I was observing nearby the cave, I was shocked by seeing them with my own eyes. A myth that the villagers were talking about is true! I have to find my own way to sneak into the cave. But to get into it is not an easy task. I have to face his kin and end this before it's too late.. "


" My presence are not welcome. Alargan, he enraged. Roar!!. His body starting to engulf with the fire came from inside himself. His horn and tail act as a spear, his teeth as a saw, his claws as a blade and his wing and scales as a shield. He's an army himself. We fought in furious and deadly battle for one whole day. I'm all wounded and tired. But I have to endure. My surrounding is the only ally I had. When he was dashing toward onto me, I use that last chance to pierce through his soft point on his chest straight to his heart. Half of my right hand were burn when doing my last strike. Finally he fall before me. In his final moment, he granted me The Dragon Slayer title and a sword made from his fire itself as a reward for his defeat. Then after he died, he turned into ashes.."


" When I'm on my way back to the village, I'm being bother by one thing. Just before Alargan died, he warn that me he was not the only one.."

" I have to be ready for what is coming.. "

To Be Continued..

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thnx its a good story