View Full Version : Villi's Life Journal Part 1

Shihua Lai
03-20-2014, 11:08 PM
Entry 1


How things were in Shuyal

A storm was brewing. I still have to work in the plantations with my father to earn a living. We had to work extra hard because a war was starting and the king ordered all farmers to plant 30% more to feed the army.

It was difficult to grow crops as there are always storms, winds and sometimes droughts would come. That is no surprise as we live on a mountain. Other farmers who lived on the land did not suffer as much as us. This factor made us very poor, to a point of destituition. We hardly ate regular meals, sometimes we did not eat for 3 days to save up money. I want to break out of this cycle of poverty.

Now I have to help my father in the plantations. I will be stopping here.