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The Dragon Enclave Chapter 2 :- Sacred Egg
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" It has been week's since Alargan is defeated. His last words carved into my mind. I won't let Arlor fall! I have been away to investigate the Dragkin Tribesmen since then. They was once very great and wise but no longer. There's something that they would die for; something that they are worship to. It was called The Sacred Egg, it never hatch in decades. It has made them lost their light and bind them into the darkness forever. I am going to The Tindrin's Wild to destroy the egg for Alorian sake. "


" My arrival are noticed. Their forest are full with their fatal traps. It is inevitable to avoid the tribes without a clash. So be it.."


" Their combat skills are great, its undeniable. With their thick armor and skin, it won't be easy without using the sword Alargan gift to me and having a excellent skills is a great thing to do with! Few of their kin have been eliminated. At the end of the valley, I found The Sacred Egg. As expected, it was guard by two guardians. They look very dangerous and I have to be very careful!"


" We fought very well. The Warrior have absolute defense but slow on movement. As for The Shaman, his magic are terrified! ! Notice that they are losing, The Shaman use some sort of spell to the egg. It hatched. The newborn dragon is called, Drake. The guardian are weakening as their life force is being absorbeb by the Drake when he fly out from the egg. I took the chance to finish them both.


" The dragon grow stronger. I have to give my all out before he get even more stronger. His poison breath make the situation more complicate. I can't get near him. Luckily I have my throwing skills, I was able to wound him. The newborn was nothing to compare to Alargan. But still, it is a great battle between us. The newborn Drake have weakening, he can't fly no more. His wing is critically wounded as his body was. This the end for his life. "


" There was a bridge at the end of the valley. I walk towards there and stopped. I sense something foul ahead of me. What is it? Does not matter, I have to act quickly and save Arlor from this miserable fate before it's too late! "

" This is just the beginning.."

To be continue..
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Nice story :) My guess for third part is alargan raises from the lava and so on ;)

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Lol great imagination.