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The Dragon Enclave Chapter 3 :- Abomination
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" What is this place? I never knew any of this. My action back then was loud and it isn't a surprise that my arrival are welcome. They knew my coming. It's too late for me to turn back and call for aid. There's no option, I have to fight alone and make a way through. This is their place and I need to be more cautious with my surrounding or else I'm done."


" Indeed. They are more powerful especially the bigger one with a shield. Far I have walk still I don't have a clue where would this passage will lead me to. Countless I have slain. I nearly reach my limits. Exhausted. I have to preserve my energy but it seem like it's just dream. They're just too many and won't let me do so."


" It's look like that there's no more sight of them. I'm panting, my stance is being support by my sword. Looking ahead and it's look like there's on last challenge left for me in here. It's the foul creature ,The Abomination from the tribe. I can't imagine what he have been through to become like this and It's look like he's been waiting for me. "


" He's are too far powerful. I barely stand a chance. His heavy weapon describes his strength. Every time his attack land on the ground, it's shaking. Obviously, I shall not get hit by him or else I will be dead. Time passing by. Each of his attack I dodge it perfectly. Even though I have heavily wounded him and he's bleeding quite a lot and he still not showing any sign to his defeat. When I was trying to dodge his attack, I accidentally fall to the ground. He manage to land his attack on me. I got pushed away for meters. It's feel like my body is shredded apart. My armor is broke into pieces. I am totally worn out. With what's left in me, not much I can do anymore."


" This is it.. There's only one allowed to be alive.. He manage to land his attack... It's look like he missed it and I took the chance, the only chance I have. And my sword pierce through his chest to his neck. He convulsed, collapsing to the ground with the pain. When he was about to die, he spoke something, " Hail Lord Rendtail.." I was unable to ask more. It was his last breath, he died after. This isn't a good news."

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" There's here's nothing left here. So I proceed and keep going. When I was walking on a small bridge, I lost my balance. I was trying to grab anything that I was able to hold onto, I failed. I fall into the darkness... My head hurt.. Where am I? Trying to open my eyes.. Uhhh... ( Fainting ) "

To be continue..
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