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03-31-2014, 04:44 PM
So I looked at all of the 3 thread pages in this discussion. I may have checked out like at least 60% of, so i know I may have missed some, but I cant find enough tips on where to allocate points in the skills.

Being a newbie, im trying to compete with the mage to clearing the mob as fast as I can, but my true purpose is to level up as fast I can. Someone suggested to put in few good points in Poison Needles for mob clearing so I did this. Also 1 or few more in hypnotize might draw in a mob for easier clearing, but i get overwhelmed and run out of potions easily.

What points should i put toward in first as I level up? It doesnt matter? Or? here are the points I allocated:

Lv. 21 Fox

Rabid Bite - 2
Vixen Kick - 2
Hamstring - 2

Evasion - 4
Fox Howl- 1
Armor shredder - 2

Poison Needles_ 4
Poison dart - 1

Bandage - 1
Hypnotize - 1