View Full Version : What I think of wurmtounge.

kayle.barton kayle.barton
04-02-2014, 07:27 PM
I just bought him. I made a couple of threads on pets asking about him. I finally thought. Hey screw it. I am gonna buy him. So I finally bought wurmtounge for 295,000 which yes I know in probably 1 or 2 months it will be 150,000 gold cheaper but I said screw it. Let me tell you, even though mine is still at a really low level (10). His poison damage is massive and most of the time he can kill a mob all by himself using his AA just once. And another thing is the recovery time for his AA is really fast. By the time I use it. I'll find a mob again and it will be ready to use again. And by the way.. The animations for the poison cloud is AWESOME!! Great job STS. I love him so much and I would definitely recommend him to any rouge. He in my opinion is really awesome. That doesn't even include his passive attack with does good poison damage it's self. I am extremely happy that I paid for this pet. So all of you people wondering if you should buy this pet. Sure it's expensive. But it is WELL WORTH IT.

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