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04-13-2014, 11:50 PM
The Original Story of Arlor

Evil Monsters are invading the world of Arlor

Who can possibly save us?

Our hero "Remiem" Meets Gustav and learns how to Fight against the Goblins and Gustav Rushes to Windmoore

The Tavern:
Remi was in the Tavern in Windmoore , Suddenly Johan[With a bow in his chest] Comes in and Falls in the floor and He says "Gustav,He is Holding Many Goblins , They may Kill him!" he whispers "Gustav sent Me , He needs Your Help!"

And Our Hero Jumps into the Adventure!...

Seeking Gustav:
Gustav sent a message to Remi that there are many villager being attacked by the Goblins, Remi steps out of the Tavern and Goes into Brackenridge-Forest,

Seeking Gustav - The Forest:
So, He steps into to the forest and kills Many Goblins and He saw Stabb Prisoned Dorte, A Poor Villager , Our fierce Hero Killed Stabb and Dorte gave Him a Silver Chest as a Reward, And he Came to know that she is the master of "Barkley" , and he goes deep into the forest and kills some mobs and he found Gustav with his Arcane Staff, He Informed our Hero that Jarl Is too Greedy, Gustav got an other threat to solve , so he leaves the fate of Brackenridge to Remi. Remi promised Gustav to Save the Villagers and he steps into Brackenridge - Aqueducts

Saving the Villagers - Aqueducts:
Remi steps into the Aqueducts and Kills some goblins and notices a Sealed letter, it was written as follows:

"From: Jarl Gruwald of Brackenridge
To: Leader of the Goblins

I will lead the Escaped villagers into an Ambush if you let me get out of the Town with my Belongings"

Remi was Irritated by Seeing his Letter , He goes deep into the aqueducts and Kills Krax Wildstorm and Saves the Villagers in Aqueducts and betty gives him a New pet "Barney" and he Steps into Brackenridge

The Greedy Jarl-Brackenridge:
Remi enters into Brack and Kills the Greedy Jarl and he Takes Jarl's Gold which was Earned in Wrong Way and he goes still deeper and meets Thunk-One-Eye, the Goblin , He Kills him With his henchmen Kept Appearing, after the Battle he Finds the Source of the Goblins "The Gold Mine"

Gold Mine:
Remi came to know that the portal in Gold mine makes Goblins to come to Arlor from the Goblin world , he makes his way long through the Gold Mine and Kills Ghoul Bellybottom and he Destroys the Portal and Saves the Brackeridge and Visit the Travellers Outpost

The New Adventure Awaits......

Will be Updated with Ydra Forest.....

Upcoming Roles
Uller : Twjsted
Himengleva : Delphina
Vili : Arpluvial
Seerhox: The one who gets Community spotlight( this will be changed ever month)
And a lot More !:)

04-14-2014, 03:56 AM
Nice Hoard :D

Btw, where is Delphina in that story?

04-14-2014, 04:56 AM
Oh! She is Special, I'd say she is Himengleva ;)

I'll Expand it Every Weekend , And it will be in the Same thread :)

04-15-2014, 08:20 AM
Nice Hoard :D

Btw, where is Delphina in that story?
I changed the Chars , Now remi is hero and I thought to Make TWO new mods to be the Hero of the Legend