View Full Version : Waheedski : The tales he tells...

04-16-2014, 03:07 PM
As I lay on the sands of expedition camp ready to hunt another Dragkin tooth, a call for arms was made by a rogue acquaintance.

As I enquired whereto, duly was I noted - within the darkness of elite Ashral tower.

I replied, dearest rogue, one does not have the armaments of facing such an elite foe, but upon believing there be a party better armed, I arrived atop of this tower of horrors.

The way was lead by the experienced rogue, within the party was a mage of level 41 and another tank of level 40, but I did not see any that possessed fierce gears of might. It seemed a party of opportunists hath gathered. As a warrior of adventure and fun, I along with party proceeded towards the throne room of Inan'hesh and then the mess unfolded.....

The tank of level 40 started to lag, and thus continued to be ripped apart, thus the main tanking was left to me, I hath used Abaddon aka Rhubarb but seemed my fine pet was faltering, then I summoned Prance aka Nuur, again the party was taking a huge beating.

The rogue yelleth RETREAT, I being a strategist noticed others possessed Ribbit pets and told them let's do the twisted Ribbit and twist this demonlord inside out. I doth proclaim the first twist and henceforth the rest follow. That was the plan but twisted did they, only person that got twisted was my fine self, a fail of epic proportions, and head in hands moment, for I do believe under the melee they panicked ~ an inexperienced party indeed.

Thus another strategy did I unfold, myself and the other tank whence he not laggeth, we take Inan'hesh, while the rogue and mage annihilate the mages of the demonlord. I also summoned my wonderous hound KillaDawg, my dawg did not let me down and had Inan'hesh pinned against the ropes, stun after stun after stun, as I belted him with seismic slams and swirling dervish of countless windmills.

Everything went fine until the demonlord mages arose, instead of sticking to the plan, the mage and rogue just fought randomly, thus the mages revitalised Inan'hesh and my heart sank, the rogue then called it a day, and I saddened at this incohesion lay bitter about not conquering the might of elite Inan'hesh!

I await for a better moment, for better gears, for a better more cohesive team, and his most peculiar weapon SHALL BE MINE!!!!!