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The Dragon Enclave Chapter 4 :- The Eight-Legged Queen
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" The underworld; The Cave Of Terawa. Exist for a very long time ago but do not known to our world until now. This place is full with creatures and spiders is one of among them. Webs and bones is everywhere. The Tribe must be kept them away for decades. The only way they can gain food is from the tribesmen trough the pit of sacrifice. The pit I accidentally fall into."

" Awake. My wound has been cured. Looking around. My vision is blurry. And then there's a women who told me not to move too much. Her name is Rifka. She's told me that she is one of the members from the expedition camp. She got caught while she's on investigate. And The Tribesmen cast her into the pit and she's has been hiding here for few days. She told me everything I need to know."


" It's look like there's no way to climb that high; the only way is to make way trough this cave. With only one antidotes she gave me, I must not get bitten by the spiders. She was unable to come with me since she's not a combat type and she will only get in my way if she does."


" I'm not afraid of death. But I don't want to die yet either. While I was fighting and noticed that the shamans have been protect by a invisible shield from a totems behind them; which mean I have to diffuse it first. Using the strange acid given by Rifka and its really helps. With the totems has been destroyed and the shield dispelled right away. There only a few of them inside this cave. A few doesn't mean it will make my way easy. It was hard to defeat them and I can't give up. This is the last of the minions before I meet her."


" And now.. The Eight-Legged Queen, Arachna is standing ahead of me. Its look like she was guarding the door behind her. I have to kill her and make my way through. "


" Anger. She must feel. Her movement are fast. As she create poison puddles everywhere. I need to walk on the right path. After a while fighting bravely; I got bitten by her. Heavily wounded. I feel terrified. The antidote Rifka gave me take a while to response. I need to hold on for a few minutes. After being slash by me for a few times, she's starting to weakening, but still she just refused to die.."


" As we fighting for our lives; I manage to take down her legs; she can't move quickly as she was. I took the chance to end this. But still; she still resisting. And finally.. She barely stand a chance on me as she dying and she fall to the ground. She not moving. I assume she was dead.. "


" As I walk to the door.. I feel heat from it. When I was trying to open the door; I heard something.. Looking back; she still alive! And she spit her poison acid to me and I tried to shield myself with my sword. --- I was saved. After that; she just died. "

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" Something happen. The Alargan's Blade is absorbing the all leftover poison into itself. ---- It form a different look than before.. And I can feel the power within it.. "

To be continued..
[ The King, Lord Rendtail ]

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Your story's are really good and very interesting, I can't wait for the next one.

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