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My Very First Smartphone

It all started in early march of 2013. I had gotten my very first smartphone (Samsung Galaxy Proclaim), and i was browsing the google play store like a little kid at christmas time. I came across an MMO called Avabel, and i was surprised. "Wow an MMO? On my phone!? This is so cool!". So i downloaded it, played it, was unimpressed by the lag from gameplay due to my poor RAM. I uninstalled it, and searched for more MMOs.

I came across Arcane Legends in the google play store, and watched the preview video for the app. I was highly unimpressed, so i skipped it and went to a game called MMORPG Project. Again, my RAM prevented myself from thoroughly enjoying the game, but i still played it for a week. PvP was terrible. I was wearing noob gear fighting people with top gear in the school cafeteria lol. It was terrible. I spent most of my time trolling on that game lol.

Once again, Arcane Legends popped up in the Google Play Store. I decided to try it. In my mind, i thought "ok, i'll try it. If i dont like it, i'll just troll and make my own fun". So i installed it and opened it.

Humble Beginnings

I created a warrior with my first name and last initial. I was thoroughly impressed by how smooth AL ran on my phone. Once i got to windmoore, i saw a bunch of people and i was so amazed that there were other people lol. I realized how stupid i looked with a real name (since everyone else's name was unique), so i deleted my warrior and made a mage named Incendius (i had no idea it was a movie lol).

I began running through Brackenridge and part of Ydra until i came across a player named Thegreatyoda and one other player. Thegreatyoda was a level 26 mage and the other player (mage) and i (we were both noobs) were lvl 13. Yoda was brilliant. The three of us stayed in Ydra Forest for like an hour just chatting about the game and other stuff. Yoda taught us the mechanics, gave us tips, etc. I was fascinated. He gave me and the other noob some legendary items (it was my first ever legendary item). I was so thankful.

So we finished the Ydra campaign and went to kraag (i was lvl 15). Kraag looked so cool! I said farewell to yoda and the other guy, sent them friend requests, and went on. I had never seen yoda nor the other player after the Nordr Update :(.

Guild Castles

And then i found the Kraag Guild Castle. It was crowded with other players chatting and trolling. Drama drama drama. I found my new home. I spent the next few weeks making friends and making enemies. Chatting and trolling. Flaming and burning. Being hated and loved. I enjoyed it all too much lol.

I met Sifera, who became my Biffera. She's still very much active today.

And then i met Lawrr. He invited me to his guild, Soldiers of God, and we very quickly became friends. After a week, he made me an officer and we were pretty prosperous for a few weeks. He ended up giving the guild to a friend. He created a new character, Megalawrr, and quickly went to cap (31). I was still lvl 19 lol.

A New Start

I grew bored with my mage, so i got a new character slot after doing some free offers. I made a warrior named Kreosciab and leveled him up to 20. Lawrr inspired me to create my own guild <Elite Arcane Immortals> on my mage and i gained about 50 members. Megalawrr was already tied up with another guild, so he never went to mine. I got tired of owning a guild, so i sold it (first time i ever got scammed), got it back and sold it for 10k. I thought i was super duper rich lol.

Journey to Prosperity

I had done loads of free plat offers and bought a leprechaun pendant. I was farming crates and selling them (nothing new there). I got 200k and was proud of it lol.

The Abyssal Black Knights

I created a new guild, and named it Abyssal Black Knights. I met Sauiflaha, Dezzmonic, and Friiz and we all became really good friends. The guild reached 250 members when i decided to place a lvl cap on it to clean it up. A few members became really angry, and one of my friends didnt agree with it either. I was offline for a few days and when i came back, all my friends except Dezz were gone. One of them created a new guild, all of them joined. I ended up giving my guild to Dezz and joining theirs. A bunch of drama came about between all of us that i will not explain. I was still friends with all but one

A State of Sleep

I was offline between September 1st and October 15th. It was due to my very poor internet connection :/. I received such a warm welcome when i came back. I recreated Abyssal Black Knights, reached lvl 36, and met a player named Sirchaotic. We are still really good friends now. I eventually gave the guild to him and changed my name to Zylx.

Another New Start

I joined Epitome of Silentkill and met a bunch of amazing players. Paulsebi was such a great GM. I enjoyed chatting so much in gc haha. Wonderful guild. I created a lvl 8 rogue twink named Zylxiapvp and met Twinkbudds. We became such great friends and he showed me how to twink. He made me the twink-pro i am today xD. I was in EOS between the beginning of November to the middle of January. I enjoyed it, but i decided to move on to pursue an idea like no other.

American Brotherhood

Twinkbudds had an alt for PvE named Potatotomatoo. I created an American guild because i thought it was a good idea. However, there was a lack of interest (barely anyone wanted to join) so i had to give it to Potato.


I am now currently alterring between Stitch, Stitches, and Titanic. Leveling and socializing is practically all i do. Im cutrently guildless, and enjoying the game.

Now im retired!!

Thanks for reading! I hope it was interesting. Im sorry if i bored you.

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And me the spammer (big mouth), the name was created by Paul :D

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