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05-05-2014, 02:02 PM

It's time for another edition of Meed Your Mods, now renamed Facetime with Spacetime. This month, Remiem and Samhayne will be back to talk about all the new and exciting things going on at Spacetime Games. We'll also be joined by two special guests from Operation Supply Drop to talk with us about 8-bit Salute, and your fellow community members Zojak and Zeus.

In a new segment, a few select community members will also join us to give their impressions on Dragon Enclave and share their tips and tricks on getting the most out of the new content.

Would you like to submit a question to be answered during the hangout? Submit your question as a reply in this thread and we will be picking the very best ones to read and answer live during the hangout. We will also be taking questions from the Forum Chatbox during the hangout, so mark the date and join us!

You can find the event page at https://plus.google.com/u/1/events/c77k0n5jfigilqpdjh4g1f78c2k where the event will be airing live. Sign in with Google+ and check in to tell us you're coming and get a reminder the day of the event. It will also appear live on our YouTube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/spacetimestudios

05-05-2014, 04:47 PM

1) What's next for Spacetime? Do you guys have any major projects you are working on? Not just for Arcane Legends?

2) Arcane Legends is the flagship success of STS. Your pride and joy. Judging by the current statistics of how popular AL is, how far do you think Arcane Legends will go? Would it surpass Pocket Legends?

3) Have you been planning out future expansions beforehand? Care to share? :)

4) Would Arpluvial and Twjsted be making an appearance? I like matching faces to names.

5) What other games (not STG) do you guys play? (Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, etc)

6) How excited are you guys to release the new client to Arcane Legends? Will it be adding something entirely new to the gameplay?

7) Is there a guild revamp in the near future for Arcane Legends? I see aught of guild-related suggestions on the forums, and they have yet to be implemented.

8) What color is your underwear? ;D

9) U guys hiring?

10) What kind of music do you guys like? Hip-hop, rock, pop, soul, country, electronic, etc?

11) They say everything is bigger in Texas... Can you explain to me what that means? :D

05-06-2014, 11:49 AM
Was Waiting For This :D

1) When Are we gonna Meet Arpluvial and Twjsted On Camera? :D

2) When Is Star Legends Getting its New Expansion?

3) Any New Legends Game Coming in Future? :D

4) Any Updates Planned in this summer?

5) Can we Have Some vanities from The Movie Spiderman 2? :D

Thanks a lot! <3

05-06-2014, 11:57 AM
since i wont be around for this, i hope you sts ppl can answer a few of these question.

for starters, what is the inspiration for making certain expansion? like shuyal or kraken?

When do you guys (and gals) think that the new client will be instigated? Not a exact date needed, but a general time line would be appreciated.

How often do you guys come in game?



05-06-2014, 03:40 PM
Hello, like to ask more on the casual side...some questions.

-I don't play BC and BD anymore...because going up in level, has been more of a challenge. eg:lv 10 cant really farm anyone lower (im fine at lv8)...whats some things you guys are implementing to "resources" and when will it be applied?

-any major revamps..like adding more PvE missions or more events? besides 2x creation time or 2x boots weekends.


- whats in-store for more of the casual players like me that don't do elites? will there be some surprises for us?

- new currencies and pets? like things that I can farm or errr...things that wont require me to do elite to get some nice stuff?

- other ways to make some gold? besides me doing the same missions and low levels over and over just for a few bits of gold (1-10 gold)..or hunting for locked crates?
it feels like even at endgame..gold amounts are low.


whats new for these games? anything in development?

05-06-2014, 04:47 PM
Good ole Parf and Zo!

05-06-2014, 04:47 PM
1. What is that cool twin spirit pet that Remiem announced in Spacetime Insiders? Can you give us any information on the rarity and whatnot?

2. STG has announced that they are trying something new this season in AL: itemization. Can we ask when new items will be released? A lot of players do not have much to do currently
3. I know that everybody has been asking for a mythic weapon weekend, but in my mind, that is not the logical or right choice. Right now, we are already having issues with the damage being too high! Imagine what will happen when mythic weapons are released? So, I ask, when will mythic amulets and rings be released to replace their L30 counterparts? They're quite outdated and are one of the sole reasons that we see this PvP unbalance.

4. Forbearer vanities have been released through a contest: AL New Player Video Guide Extravaganza. However, for all other players, since these vanities match heraldic sets, can we please have the heraldic sets converted to vanities as well? They're very nice gear that I am sure many players would LOVE the opportunity to wear.

5. What inspired STG to participate in the 8-bit Salute other than a tax cut? (I kid, I kid about the tax cut! Please don't ban me. :()

6. In Locked Crates, y'all removed the 50k reward and replaced it with a 30% damage elixir reward. However, that has disappointed many crate openers according to complaints on the forums. Will there be any new incentives to get spenders to open? We want to spend, just give us a reason!

7. Can we get Cinco Loco to make an appearance on Facetime with Spacetime? That dude is awesome!

Prahasit Prahi
05-06-2014, 09:06 PM
This time no more questions here I'll wake up at early morning 4:30 for the show and ask questions in chat.
Yo yo


05-07-2014, 03:01 AM
I just have one very important question:

1) Will the new game client that is coming do something to stop players from switching skills mid-battle to avoid cooldown of skills and also stop players from spamming their pets? This is affecting PvP negatively and has made it so that I can no longer compete as I use an iPhone and cannot run fancy routines to do this stuff. Unless you wish to discourage players from using mobile devices and instead turn this into a PC only game, something needs to be done about this. If you want us to use more skills, then add more skill slots to the HUD. But either way, skill changing mid-battle must come to an end.

05-07-2014, 11:16 PM
1) What has been the most rewarding project so far for you guys? The expansion/event you are most proud of?

2) What is the most challenging aspect of what your team does and why?

3) What was the biggest challenge your team has had to overcome?

4) What is your teams ultimate vision for AL? Do you feel your are close to accomplishing that ultimate vision/goal?

5) If you could snap your fingers and change one thing about AL or STS what would it be and why?

6) What do you see as the biggest challenge for AL/STS in the near future?

7) Where is your favorite place to eat in Austin? (I love hopdoddys burgers their burger buns rock lol)

05-08-2014, 01:17 AM
Can we get Cinco Loco to make an appearance on Facetime with Spacetime? That dude is awesome!


05-08-2014, 10:42 AM
1- what are you favorites skills in the game of each class?

2-why leveling after each expansion is 2500 except cap level witch is 25000(lvl41 in this expansion)?

3-why not increase the amount of xp need in each lvl like other games?

4- have you ever thought of doing a solo achievement especially for each class?

Keep up the good work!!!

05-08-2014, 10:42 AM
1. Will there be any future PVP maps?

2. Why isn't xp per level commensurate to the level? Is there any particular reason for this? (ie level 39-40 should be 3.9k+ xp not 2.6k)

3. Is there anything you will do to improve the deteriorating player culture in PVP?

4. Will we ever see a graphics update on rogues, warriors, and mages?

5. Now that Delphina is gone, will the mod PVP involvement continue?



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05-08-2014, 02:54 PM
Can we expect to recieve something exclusive for puliing off this 24-hr 8-bit challenge, and how will I be able to find the mods during this event? Thanks* IGN:Madxnoob