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century's ago in the land of Arlor there was a goddess. Her name was Pele. Pele was one of the ancient goddesses. Pele was also queen and ruler to all dragon whelps. Since Pele was the goddess of fire she had a connection with the dragon whelp species, Singe. One day, a dragkin dragon called Drake, attacked Pele and the Singe's. Pele fought back, she had warned the drake to leave them alone and leave. But the drake wouldnt. He was starting to injure singe's terribly, also he was burning down the whole forest. Pele needed to stop the drake. Pele encaged the drake with a bunch of lava, once the drake was fully encaged Pele sealed the structure of lava and turned it into a giant egg. But, when Pele had sealed the egg, Pele also encaged herself. Pele's spirit lies within the egg guarding the dragkin making sure it doesn't escape. Pele was sealed within the egg with the drake for eternity. Or was she? A curious little singe hatchling found one of Pele's enchanted fire daggers. The singe was flying over a lava pit when it accidentally dropped the dagger. The dagger fell into the lava. The hatchling just kept flying on. But a moment after something happened. A huge orb of lava floated up from the lava pool, then the orb broke, standing there was a rogue, standing there was Pele. Pele looked around and said "Where am I?"
(Pele wandered around for a bit)
"This shrubberies so thick" Pele said.
(Pele wandered and found a river of lava.)
(Pele jumped from rock to rock.)

Will be continued if its good, lemme know what you think...Thanks for reading!

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Lol that's funny I like this story :) pics are fun, pele in the shrubs are cool too

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Fifa <3