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06-13-2014, 08:53 PM
This is a guide to help you out on how to get Rich, will take a bit if you don't have something to start out with, but not impossible Everything has Value... except for those engie homestead guns, lol those got nothing, but lets begin.

What do I merch?
It's easy really, anything that has any sort of value.

How can I start?
if you look through your bag nearly anything can be sold for a high or low amount, remember everything adds up, Waste nothing.(yes even those creds you get from liquidating adds up)

What if I make a mistake?
Everyone makes them, it's all good they happen from time to time don't get frustrated, Learn from them till you know what's what, it's the making of a great merch.

what is the core of merching?

I'm going to explain merching to the core for you here, now Pay attention, merching is extremely rewarding The goal of merching is to Buy for cheap sell for Higher, Remember that blue shirt I sold you for 70k? I do to I bought it for 40k, There are things you need to be careful with when merching, a mistake could set you back hundreds of thousands, to make sure that doesn't happen KNOW YOUR PRICES, this I can't stress enough if you want to be a successful merchant and not go bankrupt and Do what I like to call "Merch Backwards" goal is to sell and become rich not give away items for some change and go broke.

So now I know what merching is and the basics, Now how do I become a full-fledged merchant?
Stick by me and il tell you, Always look for good deals, NEVER pass up a good deal even if it's generally something you don't sell, someone is selling some wraith legs 4k average price is 6k, Buy It, that's a potential 2-3k profits, Now lets say your flat broke don't got S _ _ _ as i like to say xD, Farm, Farm, And Farm some more, places like slouch-o (personal favorite) are great for farming Those level 30 armors sell good, and have a chance at vanity, and even the elusive pink L30 luxuries, and best of all aren't hard to attain, a piece of atomite can turn to 3-5k, 3-5k can turn to 7-8k and so on, Great place to start from, Leave no chests unopened.
But drop rates will decrease!
LOL [removed], your chances will actually decrease from not opening them, Chests harbor Vanity, and those little bits of creds and useless junk they have all add up, Now if someone offered you a free mecha would you say no to it? Of course Not, so why would you lower your chances of being rich? Don't.
Thanks, But what now? I'm tired of merching small things I want to move on to bigger better things, what should I and shouldn't invest In?
Of course you do, and you will be able to with the Creds you have earned, this is were things get riskier, Prices fluctuate easily and quickly, the best investment is in vanity and items such as the L30pinks, items that have been through the test of time, there value always increases day by day,Things I wouldn't recommend investing in are seasonal vanities like ginger, oldman winter(we all know this disaster) etc. Why? Because there seasonal, they'll be back out next year and if you don't get rid of those bunny helms you bought for 400k to merch you'll have Lost major money, Value will go from 400k to 90-120k Money you could have merched customs with, and aren't the easiest items to sell, I wouldn't invest in weapons either, We all know how napalm is all big and mighty Now, reminds me of this legendary gun that ruled the 36-41 cap Yes that's right Nova. went from hundreds of thousands to 30k in nearly two days, same is bound to happen to nap when a better dot weapon comes out, One last thing you got to remember is that time is money, when your standing around Blackstar doing nothing you could be farming, Time is money, The easiest way to make money is to farm what's in demand, and don't be afraid to use what you got, if you have to play with the persons mind a little do it if it makes the sale, Never make a rush buy/deal and don't buy anything if your ignorant about the item.

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Yes I know long AF, but it's worth it if you plan to get rich or start merching

06-13-2014, 09:36 PM
Nice Guide Messaged Mod to Add it to Sticky in Player guides :)

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to Summarize how to merch, "Buy Cheap Sell High".

Attack Dog
06-13-2014, 10:45 PM
to Summarize how to merch, "Buy Cheap Sell High".


06-14-2014, 12:12 AM
xD true, but that's not the case for everyone you need to be careful with certain deals and approaches you take to things just like life

06-14-2014, 09:51 AM
honestly Just take what you need from this, when I first got into merching in the 41cap I made some mistakes every now and then, so I listed then so no one else repeats them

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I wanna get rich!

Grmp włl łwś Łv 👍👌💪👊✌️👋🙌👆👐👏☝️

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Follow the guide and you can get things like this+ More xD keep in mind I never dropped any of these straight merched http://img.tapatalk.com/d/14/07/24/yhu9ageq.jpghttp://img.tapatalk.com/d/14/07/24/4y2ema2e.jpg

10-02-2014, 01:38 PM
what if your friends are getting scammed n u wanna be a good guy and return the money they got scammed? :)

CAK Vader
10-03-2014, 02:22 PM
what if your friends are getting scammed n u wanna be a good guy and return the money they got scammed? :)
People do that? :O

10-04-2014, 07:42 AM
People do that? :O

I do since I'm so nice xd

04-26-2020, 12:05 AM
OK help me!! I have over 30% luck + treasur trinket.... I use luck elixir ans i have timur!!! Andddd max scientiste.... Whhhy i have shi***** for loot wwwwwttttffff please help ?_?

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buy cheap sell high

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Thanks for this!

04-19-2023, 09:57 PM
So I'm years and years to late...but the key to merching is finding out what is desirable in the current market, and creating a steady flow of movement for those said items..you can't just buy anything in 2023 and expect it to sell if you got it cheap enough, this late into the game...the community is to small and only certain items retain any sort of demand