View Full Version : Portal Master Part 1

06-28-2014, 08:37 PM
A long time ago, in the time of Uller, there was a land called Shuyal, home to the Notts. The Notts wanted to delve deeper and deeper into Shuyal, finding out its dark secrets, deeper than any warlock should ever go. A great evil was released throughout the land, putting the Notts in great danger.

Using Arcane Energy, those who could fled through a portal to a distant land. The portal was sealed off, and it's key was given in 3 peices to the key keeper's friends.

Years passed, and the town of Shuyal was still roaming with evil. The elders who knew what had happened kept it a secret from the others. Instead, the others lived in fear and trained to fight against the evil. Well, everyone except one. His name was Seer Hox.

Hox believed there was more to life than this. He believed that they'd get nowhere hiding in the shadows. He believed in another world where it was safe. Others laughed at him, and elders saw this as a threat to have that knowledge.

One day, Hox wandered off a little too far. The darkness saw him as a good ally, so they tried to influence him to joining them. He learned about Arlor and the other Notts. He was not dumb, though. He was indeed corrupted, and his face was complete darkness, but he used his dark magic to teleport him out of this world. He made a big sacrifice by disabling his exp gain so that he could get enough power. Now lvl 1 again, Hox awoke in a clearing in a forest, sunshine peeking through the trees....