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06-30-2014, 11:54 AM

Lots of you will think i stole a idea maybe some of you dont but im talking about a pvp update some of you may guess what i will say but some dont

First idea

The first idea is really from knights and dragons/clash of clans and i think its pretty nifty

Guild wars

There will be different modes and new maps like some forest maps and buffs and mountain maps and deserts and all other such things but most part the pvp

You no longer have to wait for people to join and stuff they just get like a invite and the people will join
Youll get set with random guilds that are close/at your level
Everyone can send a invite also if you dont want to get spammed go to options and you can disable guild war invites
There will maybe be new modes also like ctf tdm and maybe a cart push mode really taking ideas srry if you dont like please tell me but cart push is 1 team attack other defend they have to destroy the cart so it wont get to there side

The bad side is your maybe get a guild with pro pvpers vs normal but that would be your own fault because you get invites and you accept them so yea

Minor update

They should add like per kill 50 gold and add killstreaks how more you get killstreaks it adds up to 50 more gold each kill

Ill update the thread if i missed anything

And please leave feedback