View Full Version : A few parting ideas.

07-01-2014, 06:22 AM
Hello! I'm an Arcane Legends player and been playing for like 7 months. And I have to stop playing so that I can focus more on my studies. And before I leave, here are my ideas that I wanted to be implemented in the game.

Inventory Suggestions:
Rarity Filter- You can manage to what rarity you want to show in the inventory.
Search Bar -Lets you search on an item that is in your inventory.

Guild Suggestions:
New Guild Halls
New Ranks - because some are not worthy for the title "recruiter" and not worthy for the title "member" and not even worthy for the title "officer".
Private Guild PVP Room - Probably a PVP room exclusive for Guild members only. DEATHS/KILLS doesn't count during the fight! Maybe, there will be a new portal in GH that will enter you in the Guild PVP. These only will show if the Guild has an exclusive Guild Hall.

Private Suggestions
Please specify the reasons of mutes and bans. In mute, if ever we entered a bad word in English, please inform us like telling the word "blablabla"(just an example) is inappropriate in English Language. You have been muted for 5 minutes. Further mutes will lead into a ban. In bans also too, specify the reasons, unless its very secret. But I don't think they ban with "secret" reasons.

That's all. I liked the game, from the first day I played it, I already got addicted. I hope this game will reach like 61 Cap? or maybe more? :D