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07-05-2014, 01:51 AM
This is for those of you who are trying to have success in the guild area of Star Legends. Keep in mind this thread is more for endgamers than twink guilds.

Why are people leaving my guild even though it is HUGE and or active?

Owning a guild is more than just having a ton of members. A good guild owner should be able to have a friendship with every one of his members. Though a guild growing fast is not bad, not knowing your members makes it not such a guild. Guild should be family, keep that in mind when recruiting. Make your members know they are not just a "member" but a part of a movement. Keep in mind that if your guild is huge some will leave just because they don't like big guilds.

What do I say to guildies who immediately ask for the Officer position?

Never let a new member have a high rank. (Unless your one of those weird guilds where everybody is officer) Anyways, the officer position should only be given to loyal members who you have a close relationship with. Explain to the new member that there is practically no difference between the officer and recruiter position. The only difference is that the officer has authority to boot. And you will not take a chance of being mass-booted.

Begging Nubs???

There are lots of people who join a guild and will automatically expect you to pay them just because they are a member of your guild. The solution to this is easy. Do not give them money, and do not allow them to leave the guild. You kick them right when they threaten to leave, show them who is the boss. :cool:


When you are making your guild, make sure you are not purposefully aiming for leaderboards. Leaderboards is great, but is an extra. Guilds should be fun, your members will appreciate you more if your intent is not on leaderboards, but on a great guild.

Give your members something to look forward to !

Plan fun events for your guild. Pvp tournaments, Hide and Seek, and all other sorts of fun things. You may be telling yourself, "I don't have a lot of money, and even if I do I am not willing to give it away". This is absolutely fine! Not all contests need prizes, they can just be fun things your members can look forward to. If you want to put a decent prize and have no money, scrape up 5k or so from officers and other members and combine it for guild prizes.


"Poaching" is the term referring to asking members to join your guild when they are already in someones guild. Personally, I have no problem with this. I see it as if they took the offer, they would have left that guild sooner or later. Some Owners do get mad at this, and I suppose you could understand why. But that is just how the game goes.

The Basics.

Please do not expect people to join if you do not have Tier 3. ( Might be different in twinking guilds) Discounted stimpacks and enhancers should be there for your members to buy at any time. I don't suggest even inviting people to your guild until you have upgraded it.

That is the end of my guide :) Keep in mind you will need to put a lot of time and effort to your guild. Be patient with people.
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Great post. This guide looks extremely helpful!

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very good guide, but just one small thing... You need to rechange this title to "being a successful clown". Thanks that's all.

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raww accidently gave his leadership to a l46 then waited to find out that noob tried leaving the guild and pressed disbanned sorry raww :c

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raww accidently gave his leadership to a l46 then waited to find out that noob tried leaving the guild and pressed disbanned sorry raww :c
Ahaha xD

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Very cool. I am just going through some of these kinds of forums, since I made a guild within the last week. I am just trying to let it all sink in.