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You there! Yeah, I'm talkin' to you! Have you read the original Killerfu yet?

Killerfu was officially proud of her name. But she would have to tell Shazbot the truth. This wasn't her real home. She had to break the news, sad as it would be, that she belonged in Alterra.
"...Dad?" She said over dinner.
"Yes, sweet? It isn't the Goblin Stew, is it?"
"No," she replied, pushing her bowl away. She was serious. "Dad. I am a...bear."
"Look, honey, you tried dressing up as a bear just yesterday for STS Interactions Day. Those Vampires looked at me funny..."
"No, Dad, I'm serious. I am... Snowfu."
"Yes, I am. I was afraid to tell you, and my real place is in Alterra. You would've seen King Snowfu yesterday. But he is me."
Shazbot recalled his many studies about Silknight. "The curse."
"The curse. When you enter another world and you try to kill Silknight, you carry a curse with you."
"Quick." Shazbot urged her into the back of his trailer. "The Door of Alterra. The Order of Mods and Devs entrusted me with this. We'll have to go to Alterra fast."
"With Silknight still at large, there's only one Alterran to help us." He conjured a poster. "Knight Fox."
"I passed him already. He died. So sad..."
"I can revive him. Now quick! There's no time to-"
They heard a cackle. Snowfu's instinct kicked in.
"Shazbot! I know you're here. No need to hide. I-" she heard the door close. "Well, looks like it's time to stop them once and for all!"

The door opened three others, but instead of the area being bright and yellow, with a painting of the Elf Queen on it, it was dark and purple, with Silknight painted everywhere, and wind was obstructing their hearing.
"We have to get to Alterra before this curse spreads there!"
"Hold on!" Yelled Killerfu, and turned herself and Shazbot into shadow forms. They entered the door, welcomed by soaking water and fishy fish.
"Ugh." Grunted Shazbot. "Not the best means of transportation, but stiiiiiii..."
Twenty-five different heads turned to face them.
"Stay calm." She muttered to Shazbot, still trying to form a sentence. "Iiiiiiiiiii..."
She waved his hand in front of him. "Iiiii..wha-what? Oh."
One warrior jumped right in. "I have no idea if there are gods in Alterra but if there are, I'd start prayin' to 'em, and fast."
"Yeah!" A few other mages and birds joined in. "Human for dinner! What a rarity!"
It wasn't long before they were surrounded by angry Alterrans. "Please, we taste awful!" Mused Shazbot.
"Don't worry," said Killerfu. "I got this. And they think anything tastes good, so don't say that." She had no choice but to do the Alterran tribal dance, in front of her dad, no less- the twerk.
"Now can we please not be eaten?"
Any other people would have considered the fact they were drinking too much Swamp Juice, but no, this was not the case. These people considered this as a serious dance, and they made Shazbot do it too, to make sure.
"Now I need to go to my tent." Said Killerfu, ushering Shazbot with her.
She closed the fabric that served as a door. "We need to make us into Alterrans, and fast. Know any spells?"
"There is one I know, here's hoping it works." Shazbot produced a cloud of magical green dust, and Snowfu was his old self again. Shazbot was an elf, and he got used to it quickly. "This isn't that different than an Arlorian elf. I could get used to-" he used his fire power the wrong way and broke a glass filled with water. "One day..."
Snowfu emerged from the tent to find no one outside of it. "Quick," he whispered. "I know who to ask."

He entered the doorway to the Tower of Magic, where the wisest of wise resided- the 3 Mage Sisters. He knocked on the door.
"What is it? Oh, hey Snowfu!" The first sister, Santai, was happy to see him. "And who is this?"
"My Dad, Shazbot. Not the Arlorian Shazbot, I assure you."
"So what brings you here?"
"It's Silknight."
"Oh do come in. I need to show you something."
She led him into the main room, where holographics and spirit messengers were everywhere. "We've been trying to figure out what the curse is, but it matched nothing we've ever come across. Right Saitel?"
"Yeah, it must be some darker magic than every before, but it has only spread to the Doors of Spacetime." Said Saitel, the second sister.
"The source is definitely Silknight, no doubt." Said Saria, the third sister. "So why are you here, exactly?"
"We need one of your revival orbs. We believe Knight Fox knows Silknight's whereabouts."
"Here." Saitel tossed Snowfu a revival orb.
"We must not stay much longer," said Shazbot. "There is no time to lose!"
But they had no idea that the curse was spreading to his hometown- Humania.

"Knight Fox. Hey!"
"Wha..." Knight Fox awoke, bit lay still. "My eternal slumber... Must return to the Silklight..."
"Wait, before you do, we think you know a thing or two about her."
"I..do... she was not always this way. She... was nice to begin with, until her sister, the Elf Queen, gave her part of...the castle. But she wanted more, so she cursed her sister with that dreaded curse, and the castle was all hers..." he took a deep breath. "Until then I was one of her guards..."
"The curse. Do you know anything about it?"
"The curse.... it corrupted some of our best guards... including me, which is why I teased the dragon to finish me... off. Ask the... Failed...Funke. he should know... more."
"I will let you back to your rest. Thank you." Shazbot shed a tear as he slowly took the revival orb out of Knight Fox's hand.

"I thought I told you, furry, I am to die here in the forest. ALONE. Go die somewhere else. And YOU, elfie, know that I am to die here alone, and no one will say otherwise."
"The curse..." Shazbot was starting to piece it together. "It makes you think what it Silknight wants you to. She wants you to be a failure who deserves to die. But you aren't that."
"Oh shut up. I am destined to die here, and it will stay that wa-" Purple smoke flew put of him. The curse was leaving him. "Me! Fur! A cool sword! Oh my gosh! I need to guard Silknight! Where is she?"
"Silknight... is evil now." Snowfu put an paw on Funke's shoulder.
"I understand. It's coming back... me... arguing with her. She wants power, I try to reason with her. Purple smoke. Pain that competes with death. Me. Fighting a young Snowfu. Me..." he fainted.
"We need to get him to Humania. The Humanian witchdoctors will know what to do."
When they arrived, they saw the Three Sisters there, examining the curse. The sky was a dark purple. And next to where the portal to Mount Fang was, there were dark markings. Shazbot read them. "The entirety of Alterra is cursed. There is nothing left to do next except to lie down and die."
"The curse is everywhere. How can we stop it?" Said Funke.
Santai came up to them, worried. "The Order of Mods and Devs are cursed too. The Elf Queen is slowly getting more and more cursed. It's time to do what Silknight says, guys. Here, I made a hole for you." She climbed into hers and started sobbing.
"Santai," said Snowfu. "That's it! Saitel, I need revival orbs to counteract the curse when we do what I have planned. Have you any?"
"I do."
"Give one to all of us. Funke, Shazbot, You three, and me."
She handed them out.
"Now, think of death. Embrace it. Become a part of it. Enjoy-"
Suddenly, a large poof of bright yellow smoke came out of all of them. The curse took over. Almost.
"Now," said Snowfu weakly. "Think... of everything you love... Embrace it... become.. a part of it... enjoy it."
The bright yellow smoke turned brighter amd bigger as the curse turned smaller.
"The Humanian Park!" Yelled Saitel, remembering the lovely time she spent with her dad.
"Sisters!" Yelled Santai, thinking about her sisters and what she loved them for.
"Balefort!" Cried Saria, remembering the time with her mom spent at the consignment shop.
"The Elf Queen!" Yelled Funke, remembering how she took him in when he had nowhere to go.
The rest was Shazbot and Snowfu, and they knew what to say.
There was a blinding light, a big eruption, and everywhere was as bright as staring at the sun.
The Elf Queen, who was experiencing death-like pain, suddenly felt better, and smiled, knowing who it was.
Silknight, who was getting weaker, started to say her last words- "I'll get you if it's the last thing...! The last thing... I do." She fell.
They returned to their normal state, smiling. Snowfu thought about Silknight.
He teleported to the castle where they lived. Silknight was weak, almost dead. The Elf Queen was behind him. She held her hand. "Silknight."
"Queen Elf."
"Snowfu, the revival orb." He handed it to her. She spun it around and around, until it levitated Silknight. Then. She stomped her foot on the ground. A surge of yellow rushed through the ground everywhere. Silknight was now motionless on the floor.
"Silknight." She touched her arm. She awoke. She saw her older sister and remembered what she did.
"Elf." She broks into a sob. "I'm so sorry! All I wanted was power. I didn't see what I was becoming. I missed you so much, Elf!"
Elf staryed crying. "I missed you more." She hugged her.
It was then when Shazbot and the others teleported to Snowfu.
"FINALLY!" said Santai. "You only took us to a million other places."
"So?" Asked Shazbot. "What did we miss?"

That evening, they couldn't help celebrating the new Silknight. While skeptical at first, they learned to like Silknight for who she really is. The party lasted most of the night.
And Shazbot managed to only smash 900 things!


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