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Similar to other STS games (I take that back, ALL of them), you get to choose your character! Here is what you can expect from all three:

A warrior is, on behalf of Elondria, one of those smelly, big things. That may be true, but he equalizes to a tank, similar to Blackstar's commando and Alterra's warrior. However, what he lacks in damage he makes up for in armor. He is the perfect tank in combat.

Rouges are more of a second fiddle to warriors, using either bows for ranged attack or daggers for close combat. She has skills that are useful for either one! Contrary to the warrior, she has a lot of damage, but that affects her armor.

Sorcerers, or smurfs, are mostly in the back of the group, healing as needed and using ranged attacks and weapons such as his staff or gun. He is especially known for being the twink in combat.

For the sake of separation (yeah, you guessed it, more guides on individual characters coming soon.), we will be using a rouge for this series.
After you pick her and name her, You will be given the choice of 3 different starter pets.
Pets can be named whatever you want, but are renamed for 2 platinum. Some can attack enemies or buff allies, but all of them have a passive attack that gets better for each level it increases. Timber, Tankton, and Precious are what you start out with. These pets all have attack abilities.
Now our pet and rouge are all situated. Let's go!

Arlor is full of it. By it I mean monsters. But no time to count them all. They are attacking a nearby house! Here is where you will need your attack power. At the bottom left is your attack button. Tap on it to attack! Do this a few more times and the first enemy is dead.
Victory! a few more are left.
The paw on top of the attack button is the pet's Arcane Ability! Tap on it to slay! Attacking and using Arcane Abilities are the number one things taught by Arlorian scholars!
Your friend, Gustauv, will handle the fire. You saved a life! Time to go to the tavern to see if there is anymore trouble!
There is. A man has been shot with an arrow by goblins! You must avenge him!
Remember characters with a ! over them have a quest, and characters with a ? over them have a quest ready to turn in. Grab the wounded man's quest to get revenge!
Now just walk out the door...

Brackenridge is the first main hub where you will get most of your what I like to call "Nub Quests", and also to get daily prizes from Shazbot, that smurf over there. Every 24 hours he will have a new elixer for you! But no time. To the top left is a gate. Use the joystick to run over and enter!
This is where the wounded man must have been... there are goblins! For real! Goblin to the right, left, and in front! The only way to get through is to destroy them all! Defeat some, and you will see an experience bar shaded yellow get bigger and bigger. You're progressing! And after a few, you're level 2!
This is where your first skill comes into play. Rouges have bow skills, shadow form spells, and a healing spell. I recommend you use an attack spell.You'll need to also use attributes.
First up is strength, which increases health. Dexterity increases damage and DPS, and intelligence raised mana. For rouges, I would do mostly dexterity with some intelligence as skills for them take up some mana.
Up ahead is a warrios with some refugees. They're in trouble! The warrior has a quest. It will help you with charged attacks.
These attacks require you holding down the attack button and releasing when the bar gets to red. You can do this with skills too! They will cause more damage.
But now it's time to face your biggest enemy yet... STABB!

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Wrong place:).

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Wrong place:).

Try Al Rogue Discussion

Btw, who is this Worst Enemy "Stabb" you speak of?

I threw a fireball at him and he died

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Try Al Rogue Discussion

Btw, who is this Worst Enemy "Stabb" you speak of?

I threw a fireball at him and he died

lol my guapo is so op he just touched stabb and stabb kissed the floor.

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I actually reported this thread to be moved to AL guides... and I'm talking about Nubus Rougus, not Prous Ruizus

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