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07-22-2014, 12:59 PM
Hello. I'm the GM of knights of the nine.

This is my first time posting here so please bare with me. Lol

GM: Demaliiiiii (Me)
Lvl: 36
Class: Rogue


Arkts (lvl 40, Rogue)
Demaliii (lvl 12, Sorcerer) {Also me lol}
Markyys (lvl 35, Warrior)
Markymage (lvl 13, Sorcerer)
Mckys (lvl 26, Rogue)
Shyguard (lvl 23, Rogue)
Shyguardian (lvl 12, Warrior)


Afestaf (Warrior)
Alexnumber (Sorcerer)
Anichiuaba (Warrior)
Arichiebat (Rogue)
Asikoral (Rogue)
Bisty (Warrior)
Brhaspati (warrior)
Ciuiskari (Sorcerer)
Colemlay (Warrior)
Cuteasura (Rogue)
Crasherhead (Warrior)
Dehlenfath (Rogue)
Dracosblood (Warrior)
Draiskol (Warrior)
Ebebiuzih (Rogue)
Eklim (Sorcerer)
Geazijeao (Warrior)
Gircerer (Sorcerer)
Gwad (Warrior)
Lereocana (Sorcerer)
Jaecee (Warrior)
Jeebenetie (Rogue)
Kialionking (Warrior)
Lebugran (Warrior)
Otagiufi (Warrior)
Ramitin (Rogue)
Rhedno (Rogue)
Rustyrogue (Rogue)
Rumemarian (Rogue)
Ryushiin (Warrior)
Samoahreaper (Warrior)
Scarcry (Warrior)
Scragles (Rogue)
Senjumugen (Sorcerer)
Shaomae (Rogue)
Sheirwin (Warrior)
Skydrowner (Rogue)
Smurgh (Rogue)
Subscribed (Rogue)
Szury (Rogue)
Tammada (Warrior)
Tmoneylay (Warrior)
Uaraika (Rogue)
Vivitaru (Sorcerer)
Wulldown (Warrior)
Xmagnitudex (Warrior)
Xxraphxx (Warrior)
Ycmubka (Rogue)
Zmeiko (Sorcerer)

Currently, we have 179 members.

Knights Of The Nine is recruiting members lvl 1-41.

I was told I needed rules so...


1. We are a drama free guild. No drama is allowed.

2. We are a friendly PvE guild.

3. We help our guild mates when quests. But! You must ask us for help in order for us to help you.

4. No begging. Beggars annoy me. Do not beg me or my officers for gold, eggs, or items.

5. Do not beg me to promote you to officer if you just joined my guild. I'll post the requirements for officers below.

6. No scamming is allowed. I do not tolate scammers. You will be reported and removed from our guild.

7. We are a fun guild. We host guild events. Prizes can be won if you participate. :)

8. I am a nice GM. I randomly give out free stuff at random times. Hecnce why it's such a good thing not to beg. :)

More rules are in progress.

This guild is fairly new.

I'm the current GM but I'm not the original GM. The Original GM is Jovah. He made me be in charge of this guild. Then he gave me the guild. It was done out of trust, loyalty and fairness. No scamming was involved. :) I think I'm doing a great job.


Next step I guess is requirements.

No you cannot be the GM so don't bother asking. Lol

I'll start with members.

Requirements for Members:

●Must be lvl 1-19

●Must be active

●Must be willing to be loyal tp the guild

Requirements for Recruiters:

●Must be lvl 20-41. *Updated*

●Must be in guild for 2 weeks. *Updated*

Requirements for Officers:

●Must be lvl 35-41 *Updated*

●Must be loyal to the guild

● Must be trusted by all current officers.

● Must be active.

● Must be voted in by GM and officers.

Me and the officers will nominate the potential officers. Then we will vote. Whoever wins the vote will be promoted to officer. :)

Current officer nominees are:

Rhedno (lvl 22, Rogue)

Uh...I'm still working on this forum. Please be patient.

We have a Facebook group. Knights of the Nine (arcane legends)

You can add me as a friend on arcane legends. :)

Pm me if you would like to join.

More updates coming soon!!!

:D Welcome to the ♡♥★Knights Of The Nine★♥♡

07-25-2014, 11:26 AM

Arkts is no longer an officer.

He is a recruiter.

Asikoral was a member, but is a recruiter again.

Zelttix is now a recruiter.

Shyguard and Shyguardian has been demoted to recruiter and member due to inactivity.

Markyys/markymage/mckys is still banned from the game so I demoted his other two characters.

Markyys is still officer though. Lol

I haven't thought of any fun guild guild events yet.

Share some fun ideas to help me please and thanks! :)

More updates coming soon.