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07-22-2014, 06:02 PM

Ursoth's Assault has come to an end! We hope you all enjoyed it. What did you think? What were the best and worst parts? What would you like to see next event that we didn't include this time around? This is the place to let loose and give us your feedback, but please...keep it constructive. ;)

07-22-2014, 06:07 PM
Fun event, maybe should've had a couple of story token weapons, s&s are way to op the difference between rich and poor is becoming bigger and bigger. Saying that dovabear also is to op my scorch and ripmaw instantly became useless so that's also a dissapointing thing. No complains about helena here it's fun to finally get a challenge:).

07-22-2014, 06:23 PM
Hmm. I liked it for the first day or so, then it was just me making profit haha. Wish you could add more maps and have better boss drop loot. Good event nonetheless, but please try to make it like Tarlok's next time.

07-22-2014, 06:25 PM
Expected more items available at the vendor like there was during the Goblin Event and the Tarlok Event. I spent all my tokens on Entangled Chests and crafted them to Spirits instead. Didn't even bother wasting any of them on the vanities.

Boss drops could have been improved especially for HELLena. Overall it was an okay event, but got bored pretty quick.

07-22-2014, 06:26 PM
Helena bad, Europhex good!
Bosses with too much health eliminate the fun factor, and introduce the leave factor, or heavy potion spam factor.
Otherwords, good event.

07-22-2014, 06:46 PM
Great event. For having an energy meter it was set up well. Farming essences allowed free players to make alot of gold and gold tier was possible with free energy unlike goblin event. I had alot of fun and made a great profit off this event.

Only complaints I have are Helena being too long of a fight for no reward and new leprechaun/jack amulets not having different color effects. Other than that it was an amazing event and comparable to tarlok one.

07-22-2014, 06:49 PM
Great event. I liked this longer time period than the shorter one of the goblin event. The goblin event felt like that was what you had to do for the entire time period. The Ursoth event seemed like you could think about it a bit more.

Having various ways of obtaining energy was good - Loved that you could buy energy or make energy or have it drop on you. I think there was even a good mix of rewards. I still find some items for some of my toons to use. Lots of people are using the bears and the vanities.

Helena was amazing actually, though yeah, maybe a bit better reward for her. She made a great gatekeeper - once you figured her out, she was easy-ish, but devilishly hard if you did not or if you had her scaled to a higher level or had an incompetent team. Since she did not drop anything interesting, when I was strictly farming, I would just skip her.

My biggest gripe would be random game (PUG) player levels. In a specific party, players can have just a 3-level spread. Often, in a PUG, I saw up to a 9-level spread. That is just way too difficult, especially when the high levels are under-equipped warriors who die constantly, then leave. When the lowly mage is surviving better than 3 warriors, there is an issue. Yes, you can reset the boss, but many people did not realize that or found it difficult to give up on a 1/2-killed boss.

As I became more focused on getting to gold tier, I created exclusive parties or solo'd rather than waste time in PUGs. What was initially amusing becomes a time waster when one wants to go fast.

Overall, I liked the Ursoth event a lot.

07-22-2014, 06:58 PM
In my Opinion the Event was not so good becouse Helena was to op :/ it wasnt fun to fight against her and many Players left the map when Helena spawned, so I lost many energy points :/
And that S&S were just for Lb Winner were bad too becouse normal Player have no Chance to get it -.-
For the more the loot of the Golden Spirit Chets were very. bad too i maybe opened 50 and didnt got anything good:/
So for Non Platin User there was a very low Chance to get mythic.
And i dont liked the energy and Tire System, the System at Tarloks Event was mutch better!!!

But there were good things too like Dovabaer , the new Life Shards and the new armors with were good and not too expencive.

All in All i wish for the Future a Event like Tarlok it was the best Event :)

07-22-2014, 06:58 PM
I prefer the tarlok event like last year.. the elondrian chest should have higher chance of dropping better gears... ().()

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07-22-2014, 07:21 PM
You guys (STS) need to know the difference between a "challenge" and a "time waster". Helena was a complete "time waster"; there was no need to have that much health. Lots of players would just leave the map as soon as they saw her. The worst thing was you didn't even do anything to change her like you didn't give a damn. She didn't even drop anything good and spawned more than Ursoth. It was like a "finger" to our faces.

There was a lot of unnecessary stuns and ways of getting stuck. Even when you had the elondrian ward, it was so lame. I just wanted to put my tablet down or close the game, why don't you want us to play?

The elondrian locks were a complete scam. There was no guaranteed "2x chance" roll, it was random. Well played!

What I did like about the event was the option to craft energy and spirit chests even how terrible the odds were of looting the new mythic, the other rewards such as gold, energy and tokens was nice.

3/10 is my score for the Ursoth Event.

07-22-2014, 07:32 PM
I loved it. As my first big event I played (I took a hiatus and missed tarlok event -_-) it brought a whole new side of the game to me and made me realize that I can keep up with the elite level players. I made so much money off the event it's insane. Helena wasn't even that bad after u figured her out. The only thing I didn't like was the spirit chests. They were a complete waste of time with absolutely no chance for the new myths. Great event please keep it up and bring back tarlok in the winter how it was so I can experience it lol.

07-22-2014, 07:51 PM
Too many dovabear.

07-22-2014, 07:58 PM
I would say that events items should be more. We need variety of things to buy, more armours, vanity's etc.

07-22-2014, 08:01 PM
Expected more items available at the vendor like there was during the Goblin Event and the Tarlok Event. I spent all my tokens on Entangled Chests and crafted them to Spirits instead. Didn't even bother wasting any of them on the vanities.

Boss drops could have been improved especially for HELLena. Overall it was an okay event, but got bored pretty quick.

I see what you did there...

I found it interesting however I think the largest disappointments would have to be Helena and the Spirit Chests,
Helena, well..their enough complaints on the forum to understand what I mean...
And Spirit Chests? At least make their chance for dropping the Mythic near on par with locks, also eliminate drops like 10 tokens or 2k gold because honestly no one wants to spend 90 tokens on Entangled's just to loot 10 tokens themselves .-.

07-22-2014, 09:47 PM
everyone dies a hundred times on Helena than Ursoth, but still challenging & fun for us, can we get a DEATHMONGER titles, joke :D

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07-22-2014, 10:12 PM
This event was good but giving dovabear out for free was a bad idea. A free legendary pet should never have stats similar to arcanes. This pet caused hammerjaw to decrease around 5mil.

I think dovabear should have costed 1000 tokens to buy and little bear should have been given out at gold tier.

Also add more maps next time please. Fighting the same 2 bosses (Helena and ursoth) for 3 weeks gets boring.

**please think about this too- it's not fair for an arcane pet to be rewarded to rich people with no life's that have time to farm portals 24/7. Next time please make the pet available to everyone- it can still be rewarded to people on lbs but maybe in the last week add it to locked crates so other people can get it. **

Currently only people with 100m+ can get this pet. Now the rest of us have to wait until next year for it to come back cheaper? I tried not to complain about it but now that I see how op this pet is it's just not fair.. Please don't do this again Ty

07-22-2014, 10:22 PM
I think that my major issue lies in that the gold tier was too easy to reach, so literally everyone could get to dovabear. IMO this pet shouldnt be so easily obtainable, and twice the effort should be put by players to get it.

I did not like the fact that despite having hundreds of tokens i couldnt buy little bear egg for my alts, nor could i transfer my crafted energies. The choice on what i could spend my tokens was very limited, and it became very quickly obvious that when one had reached the gold tier his desire to take further part in the event is going to diminish. A simple solution would be to make the egg available, but 2x or 3x as expensive in tokens to motivate us to go on.

New gear made magma gear totally useless, so i see little point if any to waste time hunting for teeth. I also cannot sell my magma at reasonable price now. I bought it for 0.5-1m before the event, but now living spirit.. & druid.. costs 10k and adds to stats just as much. And so, when it comes to armor and hemets pro players wear the same EQ as every noob who is able to throw out up to 40k. Its also a positive though as each player can finally feel a little pro.

I was mesmerised with my luck when opening elo locks. I opened 130-150 and received elondrian bow, elondrian rifle, shuyal, doom & samael. I love u for this StS, and despite my above nit picking comments i am extremely happy.

Nevertheless, when it comes to bosses ursoth was great in design. I enjoyed soloing this monster, predicting his moves and dodging ults. Helena is a slightly different story. She was too easy at low lvls, too hard at mid range, especially considering the high lvl spread that i was facing she often seemed unbeatable. She was perfect for my lvl 41worrior and mage, but only if my party did not consisted of pokemons.

Now, i need to bring up smth that caused me a great deal of displeasure, namely players living the event or those that refuse to help or leave the area and just wait until u kill the boss to take the benefits.

Not like the idea of inviting guild mates or get friends only instead of people randomly joining when the boss is reset.

07-22-2014, 10:34 PM
I liked the event quite a bit but can't say I loved it.

I disagree with most and thought the difficulty of Helena was just right, the problem was she had no drops. If she dropped something worth while less people would have quit the map.

As for the quitters all I can say is get a good guild... My 41's had no issue because I have a great guild. My low level alts had a hard time until the last weekend when I paired up with a guildie on our alts. Running as a two person party we were killing Helena in two minutes pretty easily. We wished we had paired up sooner....

Spirit Chests were a bit of a tease, every time I got 10 tokens I wanted to throw my tablet through the wall but I guess I can live with that.

The essence grind was booooring. I think making the event maps more significant with more mobs so you had a chance for essence in the event map would have improved the boredom factor and made me run the event maps a lot more.

Now I am sitting on some event crates debating whether to open or sell. I am not sure what the double odds complaints are all about? I guess you should better define double odds although I think I know what it means others seem to have a different definition.

Fix the ties in the leaderboard. A tie at third should make the next player 5th not 4th. 10th is the only spot where additional winners should be possible although that could be exploited.

Remove the portals from mobs kills, they are unnecessary and annoying, especially in wt4, boulder, and valheim.

Overall 6/10, Tarlok was by far the best event, Ursoth may be a distant second.

07-22-2014, 10:45 PM
Hmm.. Only Helena, it's -1. Btw, overall, this is a great event. Ty STS.

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07-22-2014, 11:44 PM
This was my 2nd event on game after Goblin invasion. I found it much better than Goblin event. The bosses were a little OP :/ I got too many deaths. Overall I liked the event

07-22-2014, 11:54 PM
just add more item at token vendor like weapon, amulet or ring, not just vanity.
little bear should be at egg form but must be purchase with 1000 token.
Dovabear for reach gold tier is a great thing.

Overall i like it but still i like tarlok wrath event more than any event that STS do for Arcane Legends so far.
but i really love this game, its like my second world hahaha. Thank you STS

Michael Guzman
07-23-2014, 12:06 AM
Kudos to your team! Great event ! I stil think the tarlok system is better tbh but this was a good one nonetheless!

07-23-2014, 12:21 AM
Well to be honest ....the event had its flaws espically with helena's op health..but compare to the goblin event ....it was a major improvement :) i was very pleased at the work you guys put forth for this event:) 1 suggestion if i may...i and maybe others feel that the stun on dovabear needs improving..sadly i havent had a stun from dovabear in like never. If you guys could improve dova stun chances just a tad bit ill be highly gracious :)

Thank you STS :from Ghostfacehart

07-23-2014, 12:52 AM
I enjoyed the event but not as much as the previous ones. I'm not crazy about the energy essence or the cost of time for recovering energy. I feel like this is a big turn off for people. Some people may only be able to play for longer times at cetain times. By this energy idea, you are taking away this flexibility, unless they pay with real money. Not cool.

The tier idea was fun and made me want to reach the gold to get the bear. After reaching the gold tier i really didnt know why I would keep playing with that same toon. So after reaching the gold tier I felt like the event was over and done with. This happened by the second day.

Crafting the elondrian locks was a neat idea. It forced people to farm the essences and made the lock relevent again, so good for business. Nice job on that.

Crafting the spirit chests was o.k.

Merching wise, people made a lot of gold buying selling bears, locks, mythics, etc... It also brought a lot of inventory to the cs. Those ancients are op and rendered many legendaries useless. Many legendaries were fairly new like the conquis. We need a sink for all those pinks!

Lastly, what I really enjoyed About the event was that it forced me to rely on and play with other toons especially with Helena. I actually remember some of the names, and bumped into one while in watchers tomb today. It brought a smile to my face remembering the pain we went through to beat one of the bosses.

07-23-2014, 02:44 AM
1. Energy System 3/10. It still limits free players competing against plat spenders.
2. Bosses:
a) Herond: 9/10. A good starter boss with annoying stuns.
b) Europhex: 9.5/10. Another good boss with decent token drops and Points.
c) Helena: 7/10. Time wasting and useless boss with good tokens and point drops but considering the huge HP should have had better loots to drop.
d) Ursoth: 10/10. Good loot, token and point drops. Attack animations were kinda funny and he was fun to fight against however he was too weak compared to Helena being the best Event boss.

3. Event Chests:
a) Entangled: 8/10. Good gears, cheap in Vendor shop. Gear goes for a good price.
b) Spirit Chest: 3/10. Pathetic crafting time and mythic drop rates. After crafting for 12 hrs I don't really want to see an epic item or 2k even 10k pop out of a chest.
c) Elondrian Locked: 7/10. What were those useless amulets doing in those crates? Easy to craft and profitable if sold. Overall a good addition to the game but old items dropping needs to be change.

4. Event Map: 1/10. Where are the mobs in the map? A boss at the end of the map with 4-5 vines as mobs is not the way I expected from this event.

5. Bane Item: 10/10. A good item to get an edge over the boss. The stun proc was useful as well.

6. Bane item system 0/10. We don't need such system. Seriously, why give an OP power to the boss that by only spending plats can help. Sure we can buy one of Auction but the ones in Acution are coming of plat purchase as well. Did you guys(STS) notice that not many guys were buying the "Cleansing Stone" during Goblin Event as ppl can easily walk around those poison pools, so you introduce the unavoidable "Rooting" from the Elondrian bosses and thus increasing the sales on bane item.

7. Event Duration: 5/10. Some may disagree but I think the event's length being 3 weeks was completely unnecessary.

I can go on, but I think I should stop here.

Overall, I give this event a: 6/10


I know it won't happen in a million years to come but still...

Now, that you guys(STS) have made a boat load of $ from this event. Can free users(I am not completely free user, so don't count me in) have some decent content and equal chances to compete against the Plat spenders? By "equal", I mean, Energy can't be purchased using plat or remove Energy system for everyone. I am sure most of AL users including myself don't really want to grind WT4 or any other map for essence when there's an event. Remember when PL had events? It was free for all to enter, anyone can get inside loot a couple of items and do as many runs as they want. That's one of the reasons ppl loved PL and STS team. What you're doing now just alienates the free user abd plat user and as a result ppl r starting to turn their back on the game.

That was me ranting from a free player's perspective. As a plat spender, I don't see my real money being properly used in this game. 1000s of users ran the event in hopes of making it to the Top 10 of their class. When they didn't win S&S, sure they got disappointed and feels their real money being wasted and sooner or later they quit the game. For this reason and many other reasons, I SUGGEST TO REMOVE ANY AND ALL REWARDS FROM LEADERBOARD IF THERE IS PLATS INVOLVED. I remember once a mod said in PL forums "Plat purchased items are not tradeable because if people are scammed for it then they are also scammed out of real life money". What happened to that motto of yours?

That being said, can both free users and plat users expect some damn good expansion in the near future? Please no skill cap excuses. I dont think that's a issue (atleast not for another expansion) when we can still invest points in our skills(both passive and active).

07-23-2014, 03:39 AM
I hope When you Reach Gold Tier onwards the Prizes is continuously gained like every 1K point you earned after getting into gold Tier you will receive an item and Give More Chance to Normal Players To get Cool Pet Like Shady and Surge dont Limit it To the Ones who Spend Lots of Lots of MONEY! And When Entering The Event dont allow players to leave easily like in helena, Helena is a good Scarecrow for Scardy Weakling Players who cant even try to kill her they just runaway and peed their pants. I hope There is still a chance to get Shady And Surge

07-23-2014, 04:16 AM
I didn't like the event at first because I would blow through all my energy. But as I started farming essences it became more of a background/pickup type event with guildies that reminded me of tarlok. Encouraging and rewarding farming is the best thing you can do in mmorpgs. It gives the people who put in time grinding a chance for good gear and gold. The vendor had cheap item which was nice and cheap chest which u could craft into spirit chests. Chest had low chance of loot but that's to be expected.

Recommendations for future events, make random portals more sporadic and open after killing boss and close after a minute or so, but make free to enter to encourage farming maps. New gems for armor and or damage to give more variety to upgrades

07-23-2014, 04:23 AM
Great event , got 5 dova xD thanks sts

Milan Lame Man
07-23-2014, 05:12 AM
- Event and cooldown end times need to be announced earlier than 30 minutes in advance. Now I'm spending several hours a day scraping those last 2 tokens a day that are still available (exploit?) just to buy that last Entangled to craft one more Spirit chest. If I could run the portal just once, I'd have more than enough. Obviously there's no point in rounding your tokens until the end is announced.
- The Ward only serves one purpose, to annoy free players. It sold for 40k+ when I needed it. Good thing I had 11 plat on one account, otherwise I'd be herp-derping the whole event without a Ward.
- Obviously nobody would be hurt if Helena's health was halved.

- I really wish the capacity was 4-5 balls. Having 3 balls only forces people to play 8+ hours a day, or play twice a day, which does not quite fit in some people's schedule. Also as everyone only had 0-2 balls active, it was no fun to create a party for just 2 runs, and then disband.

- Level matching need to be fixed. Often I ended up in a map with a warrior 6 levels above me.
- Tier matching needs to be introduced (silver with silver etc.), or the boss be determined by the highest player.
- Leeching / leaving the event map needs to be fixed (see Suggestions for an idea how if you don't have any)

Other than that, it was pretty cool.

07-23-2014, 05:19 AM
I really have to say...the majority of people whom are under the misconception that the Goblin event was an actual full on event is frightening...I will say it again for everyone to know, the Goblin Event was a test for the Ursoths Assault event...a beta version if you will...

07-23-2014, 05:21 AM
It was fine but could have 3 days more

07-23-2014, 05:54 AM
Helena Bad, Helena Bad, Helena Bad!!!

If you are level 41 and have a guild run it's probably not a problem. Especially once you figure out the exploit that keeps those vines from spawning.

However at lower levels you almost always have to PUG. Which makes Helena impossible and wastes your energy points every time the whole group gives up.

It was so frustrating that I almost uninstalled the game after losing seven energy points in a row because people would always just leave the map whenever she spawned.

If you didn't use the exploit she was harder than Ursoth which makes no sense at all.

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07-23-2014, 05:58 AM
Oh yeah! I almost forgot about all those random green portals that appeared on all the maps.

Really awful when several things are coming to kill you and you open one of those portals by mistake.

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07-23-2014, 06:02 AM
The event is very good that peoples can make alot of gold and not become poor anymore :)
Hope next event is more fantastic :p

07-23-2014, 06:34 AM
STS you did a fantastic job with this event!!! You will never be able to please everyone so don't even try. I'm actually surprised at how negative a lot of the comments have been in this thread. What do people expect? I truly believe that no matter what STS does people are going to whine and complain.

As for the event I really liked most aspects of it. I think requiring essences to craft new locks, new leps, new gems and energy was fantastic. It made people work to achieve their goals and kept the price of new items up. This event gave an easy and guaranteed method of making gold. Anyone who farms elites knows how frustrating it is when you do 40 runs and don't get a drop worth anything. This event allowed players a guaranteed return for time invested.

Those who complain about the leaderboards need to see the light. Without a lb which generates revenue for STS there is no reason to continue putting on new events. I love the fact that there is a reason for STS to continue developing new events. Please keep these coming. I would love to see something like this every other month. I think the game needs events at regular intervals. Seeing as new mythic weapons have already been released in elocks the next event you could combine 3 locks to give a x2 arcane loot lock or a x2 mythic crate. New gems could be added that would add crit, dodge, H/S or M/S.

I lol that some people are complaining about Dovabear being given away for free. How is this a bad thing? All rich players already have and use Sam. All this does is give poorer players a descent pet. I think this was a fantastic reward and made the event map worthwhile to run.

On the constructive side the way we are matched up to run PUGs could be revamped. If the game would keep people of the same tier together that would be great.

Overall this event was excellent. STS, you've done a great job and I am hopeful that events like this will happen often.

07-23-2014, 08:50 AM
Nice event sts. But some of the Leaderboarders turned out to be bigger trolls than ursoth himself, what with all the manipulated "TIES".

The purpose of the LB was probably to keep SnS limited, handing it out to a few But sts let TIES happen again (manipulated LB) even after it was obvious that this form of planned and engineered "ties" could happen in the goblinevent, killing that very purpose of the pet being handed out to only a few. Since because of several ties more than intended have been given out, they should be released in locked crates too.

07-23-2014, 08:57 AM
These are just my opinions. Event was "ok"

1. The event itself... and the energy farming, you guys really hit it here. A good job imo. See #1 though cons though.

1. The only actual problem with the event itself (elondria) was the lack of things to spend tokens on. Also, the lack of good drops from the event maps. After hitting gold tier, there was little driving me to keep playing. I went another 6 or 7k points just to try spirit chests... but that got boring too. Didn't buy a single vanity or pet with tokens as they were dirt cheap and didn't justify spending half the token limit.
2. I had to spend too much time farming essences (you guys REALLY need to look into the different farming tactics here). Pay to play? No... how about Play to pay? That's what this event became for me.
3. Your leaderboard system... terrible. All around bad vibe in the community since the goblin event. A real turn off for myself. Again. just my opinion. And I'll be spending my time elsewhere for the most part. You need to fix the ties. There shouldn't be ties. I would have though you'd fix it after the goblin event. Interestingly enough, you left it in again. This time, maybe it didn't work out.
4. Helena. -1. For a boss of this difficulty, better rewards should be given. Not that she was hard, per se, but the reward did not justify the 10 minutes or more it took in pugs.

07-23-2014, 09:26 AM
Good job for this event, thank you dev team for your hard work.

con: event not dropping new weapon, some of my twink need better weapon instead of old season weapon, we at season 6 now?, why weapon from season 1 or 2 still the best for low lvl twink? We see tarlok armor set already replace the best armor from old season, so now we need better weapon.
I hope we can have more energy slot next time, maybe 5 and each energy slot only need 4 hour to restored.

Thank you very much.

07-23-2014, 09:46 AM
I also think SnS should be released in locked now.
The lb players got them as a reward, fine. But also the others should have a chance to get them (we all know to be on lb u had to invest a lot of plat/money... so now that the event finished let the "commoners players" have a chance as well).
Furthermore I don't get the idea of a limited item limited only to lb...
I like the fact sts makes new contests, ty.
I also liked the tier rewards. Only try to improve more the crafting system for the next event: better rewards when opening the crafted spirits chests please...
About Helena n the portals spawning where not needed I do agree with what has been already said by other players above.
About the new mythic weapons I personally didn't like them, so I'm saving for the next arcane weapon hoping it will be cooler (I'm talking about the appearance, not the weapon stats :p ).

07-23-2014, 09:49 AM
Although I participated in the event, I didnt particularly like it, I feel like there was no opportunity for everyone to compete its clearly and event for people who have lots of gold or spend lots of plat, I think the idea is great, but needs alot of work, ties should not result in an extra egg should be top 10 players who get the egg regardless of ties if the number 10th egg winner is tied then yes an extra egg should be the result, also this event was supposed to be for level for 35 plus yet one person used two twinks farmed at a much easier level , leveled up and got two eggs, I found it unbelievable this was allowed, absolutely unfair. People also charged other players for spots, tied , and charged people with absolutely no real score , and tied to ensure them an egg, this is why I feel my suggestion of the top 10 regardless of ties , is needed, obviously if last spot in the top ten say for example 2 people are tied at 6 but are number 10 and 10 in terms of "top ten players" then yes and extra egg should be granted, as its impossible to decide between two people who are sharing the same last spot eho can be awarded the prize.

On another note I think runner up prizes are needed, as if you are going to continue to make us need energy kits to participate in theese events, its jnfsir for somkne to invest 40m gold and be at such a loss, ruins the fun completely.

I did enjoy the idea lf the event, I think its a great alternative to make gold, but thid event id only available to people who have gold, I think you must I culde events that everyone can participate in , I regards to competing for prizes.

07-23-2014, 10:44 AM
I'd like to have something to look out for, as a farmer. Having to pay real money or gold for energy packs, just so I'm able to run when I want, is not what I signed up for when I started to play AL.

I don't want to sound negative, cause I'm sure a lot of 'energy' has been put in here by STS/G but I can't say that this event made me want to play.

Here's what I always liked about STS/G games.. I log on, talk to some people, get some (end game/elite) farming going on, and hope that by the end of the day we have some decent loot and had fun trying to get it. Generally, there's a lot of plat involved in that too (mostly elixirs).

Nobody's really farming elites anymore and, even if, most of the loot is pretty worthless now too, especially considering prices in game.

That bring me to my question.. What's the purpose of having an end game PvE character at the moment? 'Energy farming', new event bosses (for future events)... It's all a lot easier to do on my low lvl twink which is an order of magnitude cheaper than any of my end game toons.

So yeah, are we going to have energy event after energy event? Or is there something, that someone who likes end-game farming to earn their stuff, can look out for?

I know you guys need to make money. I'm the first to buy plat if there's something I think is worth it, but this event wasn't it for me.

As said, not trying to sound negative, just giving my feedback.

07-23-2014, 11:40 AM
Great event. For having an energy meter it was set up well. Farming essences allowed free players to make alot of gold and gold tier was possible with free energy unlike goblin event. I had alot of fun and made a great profit off this event.

I agree with this and am going to expand on this:

I was impressed by the elondrian crate system. This was a very well thought out strategy and I commend STS for.

I liked the fact that you could craft spirit chest with a chance at mythics without spending plat.

And I liked the various vanities.

07-23-2014, 01:09 PM
On the whole this event was a very positive experience. It brought a lot of players back who had started to grow bored and gave casual players something to get excited about as well as hard core ones.

Helena - There have been a lot of comments about Helena. I have both end game toons and twinks- killing Helena was no issue on my end game toons and even became something of a hilarious love to hate her situation which, at the end of the day was part of the fun of the event.

On my level 12 twink the issues were more apparent and are partially caused by the level bands... it was quite frustrating to enter the map, find Helena, and have at least one person leave immediately if not 2 and in the end have to give up and leave also thus wasting the energy ball. It would be nice to have a good incentive for players to stay in the map... Ursoth hit just as hard for me when playing on a lower level toon however people rarely left when finding him, probably because of the possibility of dropping an egg and the high number of points he gave. Although a lot of low level players running these maps were twinks, it can't have been easy for newcomers to the game thinking they would never progress past silver tier because 4/5 runs had to be abandoned or suffered through whilst being shouted at by higher level players.

Dovabear - Perfect! Finally a great pet which non-plat players can work towards and obtain. I love that this happened and honestly it made a lot of players really happy and motivated them to come back and play to get him. A happy buzzing community is attractive and fun to participate in and of course the more we enjoy it, the more that those of us lucky enough to be able to buy plat will want to invest in the game.

Ward pop-up - I can see why removing the pop up from the initial landing in the map probably isn't going to happen if thats a significant way of generating revenue but I wonder if there is a way for it to at least not appear every time we die? If I say no thanks.... I really do mean no thanks :/

Length of event - The 3 weeks period I'd say was just about right, but for some reason people seemed to lose interest in the event after the first week. It might be interesting to vary the available gear from the vendor over the course of the event, staggering while still capping the amount of tokens we can hold, for example there were thre vanity sets and it might be interesting to have had one vanity set available per week, at 250 tokens, or something similar to this.

I will reiterate that I loved this event, found it very well designed in so many aspects that I can't write a list of them all here but above all, the way that there was something for all types of player.

Thankyou STG!


07-23-2014, 01:40 PM
I enjoyed the event made me want to get on and play. I havent felt that way in the past few weeks do to farming in elite is fustrating and the loot hardly sells. And as for PVP, well im not going to get into that. I made a decent amount of gold running the event. As for mythics let them drop again, dont do what u guys did with last mythic weapons. Only a one time thing, its fustrating when those weapons sky rocket. And players like me that didnt have the luck of getting one have a hard chance to buy one. Dont wait till next expansion to have another fun event. Other than that i have no complaints on the event it was fun.

07-23-2014, 01:52 PM
Mixed feelings, really. I played, but it frustrated me.

Energy system - if you have to have one, thank you for letting us farm/craft energy. After reaching silver, easily 1/2 to 2/3 of my runs ended with people bailing out. I'm not spending plat or gold on something that is going to waste.

Map - kinda boring. One short dog-leg map for every boss. Snooze. I don't think you want to build multiple maps for a limited event, but maybe something like the first map for wyldwood in PL. Not a total time sink, but not a joke.

Quests - beating ursoth but not completing the quest stinks. I beat him multiple times with four different toons, but only one completed the quest. It also made little sense to me to have one daily that you complete by killing one plant be worth more than the one where you have to get 60 life essences that only appear sporadically.

07-23-2014, 02:04 PM
1. Easy fight with twink. Next time all player will farmin event with twink lol
2. Special Vanity only for rouge? warrior and mage want to look cool too, not only rouge
3. Maximum run 9 hours/day/char, after that no point awarded. Specially for event lb freak, cmon guys you need a rest dont be a zombie, your healthy is #1
4. Event contest, no need rules nor daily task, just ask ppl to take SS about anything in arlor during event, i think its better than breaking your own rules
5. Erase portal for normal map
6. Make event pet available for plat, fair enough for ppl who busy irl and dont have enough time to runnin event
7. Upgrade crafting slot with story token, we need more than 5 slot to craft crates and energy

07-23-2014, 02:35 PM
I thought this event was ok. I liked that you could farm energy essences and thought the crafting time for energy was reasonable.

There were several things that were just meh to me.

1. Helena (of course) huge waste of time did not drop anything good, her 1 shot at 41 would kill you even if you were out of the red. I died more with her than Ursoth. She just wasn't fun. I don't think I would of minded her as much if she dropped something worth my deaths and time like the Spirit Chests and maybe an already complete Elo Shard.

2. Nothing to spend tokens on really, I ended up buying entangled chests to craft which took 12 hours and one of my crafting slots for 2k... If we have craftable chests in the future I'd like to see the time cut down to 8 hours and better loot added.

3. Once you hit gold tier it was just kinda like a lull, you could run for your entangled chest tokens or just skip out.

4. The mob portals.. I did not use one the whole event. There is no point to make them pop up in maps when you can just go to the event area and enter. They are annoying and cause you to waste energy if you are unfortunate enough to click on one in the middle of a fight.

5. I really like the idea of event LB and thought it was fair to give banners, but adding the Arcane was just over doing it. Please stop making arcane items LB prizes. If the point is to get people to spend plat then maybe just make an arcane item an extremely rare drop from the last event boss, gives everyone a chance to get it and people will grind, spending energy.

6. Pugs level match which has been mentioned several times. I stopped running pugs on my twink at 15 because I kept getting put into parties with level 21 toons. It makes no sense to be that much of a difference at that point I am not even helping my pt.

Overall for me the event was a 5/10.

After the event 1/10, now I am just twiddling my thumbs wondering what I can do and farm to make up gold spent on Elockeds since elite gear is pretty much useless.

Maybe in future events something to be taken into consideration should be the after effect and what players are left with.

07-23-2014, 03:07 PM
1. Bear pets
2. Ursoth
3. Farmable energy
4. Point tiers and rewards (maybe add more tiers)

1. Helena - fighting her 5-10 times in a row got really old.
2. No point in farming portals. I enjoyed tarlok portal system.
3. Boss drops
4. Mythic warrior weapon
5. Guild and friend cooperation was easier with tarlok.
6. Need more essences from event map.

07-23-2014, 03:18 PM
Helena was terrible and sucked all joy from the event. I would like to see the energy system modified. Perhaps when you use energy to enter portal system rolls what boss you face. Then you can re-enter portal until you defeat that boss. It is so frustrating to waste precious energy points only to have everyone leave because they hate the boss. Maybe an option to eat the energy and pass on the boss, for those who wish to avoid "Helena" in the future.

07-23-2014, 03:21 PM
I liked the green everywhere, Ursoth was fun to kill, Hellena had a fun redzone to dodge, Europhex was a fast 12 tokens, Tree guy would make for an awesome dancin stun pet, I regret not reading the npc and questgivers' dialogue; and I have no idea why these bosses tried to invade Arlor but I do know why I farmed them; a profitable event summed up in a run-off sentence :thumbup: I had fun!

07-23-2014, 04:18 PM
Dovabear - Such a good pet that everyone gets a chance to have
Elondrian Essences - made a profit from selling/opening some elond lockeds
Vanities - The vanities are cool and not that hard to obtain, but not that easy too

The LB reward system - should give rewards to exactly 10 players on each class. There should be tie breakers to prevent drama and encourage good competition

Elondrian Spirit Chests - needs 90 tokens, 12 hours to craft, 1 loot, seriously??

What I would like to see in the future:

No more quest abuse.
No more HELENA-like boss :)

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07-23-2014, 06:57 PM
Lol @ this event

07-23-2014, 08:42 PM
Oh. I was gonna me a thread about new gear and found this. So I will just post here.

1. Hp and armor gears made twinks little boring. If you play twink, you know the endless war happens a lot. And these gears make it worse.
We need (people like) dmg gear so we can finish faster. So in this aspect, I like tarloks better.
However I like that it looted all lvl. ( Tarlok was not announced it will be looted 5 lvls anywhere.)

2. Energy system with farmable essence was good idea.
But having random portals on maps from mobs was pointless.

3. Boss drop was not good which makes farming boring and makes feel wasting time.
Only thing I could do was buying entangled box, which makes kind of too many gears out.

4. I didn't like Leader boarder rewarding system. It makes people play this game 'unhealthy'.

Overall not bad but little boring.
Ss contest was only thing we(I and my wife) enjoyed during event.
(But thank God and my wife for the egg.)

07-23-2014, 09:05 PM
Apparently, I am reading the same feedbacks as mine so take them as if it was mine.

I could've said a lot but it's not about the event so I'll save it for later since I am still too far from end game.

Nonetheless, thank you for the event and the new pet Dovabear which is the reason why I farmed essences like a mad man. Rofl!!!

07-23-2014, 10:09 PM
I am.missing Helena so badly.
the event boss was a challenging.
and token vendor was not good.
i was expecting weapons and sellable eggs and a good armour set from.token vendor.
since many hav not been able to get glaive in goblin event since it was so quick event.

07-23-2014, 11:26 PM
The token vendor needs egg for purchase.

Helena was LOL. Unless you were going for LB there was zero point in killing her.

Ursoth didn't pop enough, one time I burned over 20 energy on Helena repeats, never got a single Ursoth.

Nothing 2 farm in the event really, you put it all in the event crates. Why not put the good pinks off the bosses and leave mythics in the locked?

The locked elondrian crate crafting was LOL. We spent the entire event farming essences, which ended up being OK since the boss had no drops really...

Speaking of drops. Was it a joke to make the old locked crates drop and not the elondrian ones? That was a good giggle STS. Really.

How about those spirit chests? 12 hours of crafting and taking up inventory... and a single freaking item inside? And I think what... 3 people total got a mythic?

Props on the energy essences. I deleted about 1000 of them. How about those Elondrian essences?

Also, the 2x on the locked elondrian was LOL too. I opened enough to know that wasn't the case. JS.

The red pet for LB only, total sham. You shut out those of us with jobs who can't farm 24/7. We want red pets too.. Flip a few in those locked. Satisfy more customers.

07-23-2014, 11:53 PM
Firstly this event has been so awesome i manage to make my 500k budget into 6m profit without spending plat.

Feedback from a low level pvper.

I have to juggle between my pvp time and farming time, for a couple of weeks our low level pvpers guild has transformed into essence and tomb run hunt party which was trully enjoyable, Elondra locks selling for 40-60k the whole guild was very lively out of 25+ online half were running tombs chatting it out and discussing everything; and the free energy thank you sts for considering a farmable pseudo unlimted energy :)

Items by levels gave us variancy now we dont have level tens on equal stats and damage with a level twelve, we can feel the shift of people migrating brackets.

The LB was a neat addition I never expect shady to surpass 100m trade barrier, that has got a lot of people asking if its worth it. I worry that there might be less end gamer if items continue to be 100m +. IMO it was a very bad move putting shady as a prize hope it never happen again or better yet remove arcane prize from future event LB or AL players will suffer on health and we dont want that, event banner should suffice as a prize or better yet rework the LB for events.

Overall i am very happy with Ursoth event they get better and better and looking forward for the next one which im pretty sure will be warrior theme.

Well done STS.


07-24-2014, 01:10 AM
It was ok...

I just didn't like how Helena spawns more than Ursoth and is more difficult, gave less points than ursoth and not good loot...

Other than that, im saving my elondrian stuff to sell later and hopefully get rich (or at least try)

07-24-2014, 01:15 AM
To be honest, the event for me was just on 3 week money making scheme...
Could you make it next time it is a lot harder to get to Gold so that in the end there won't be the equivalent of Dovabears spammed around the map?
Also I would like to see vanities and titles much like Halloween and Tarlok, otherwise...great job ;)

P.S. I would like to see more requirements for an End Game player really..I totally agree with what Jaytb said and I think that much some items from the token vendor should be at elite level 40-41 but can also ONLY BE PURCHASED by a player of that level ( class doesn't matter ). Naturally something for the twinks as well but the best items should be end game only...

07-24-2014, 03:59 AM
I only didnt like that Root + one shot boss mechanic. Cmon be creative - dont make those unavoidable one shot mechanic.That was stupid also - if u dont wanna get root spend 15 plat for that kit. Not everyone is plat user.

Rewards - As per your reward system its good than I expected. Casual gamers get 2 new pets and for Hardcore/Heavyplat spender gets Arcane+Banner.

Overall - Average event. People play games for fun not frustration. I have seen many undergeared, lowerlvl, casual people frustrated during helena and ursoth bosses.

Worst part of event was that - noone is farming elite anymore.

07-24-2014, 07:08 AM
event was supposed to be for level for 35 plus yet one person used two twinks farmed at a much easier level , leveled up and got two eggs, I found it unbelievable this was allowed, absolutely unfair. People also charged other players for spots, tied , and charged people with absolutely no real score , and tied to ensure them an egg

the twinking glitch was never fixed and wont be fixed! I dont have any idea why they dont put much attention to this kind of problem as it is so unfair. When i run for the first time and met helena, got 1 hit and die so easy at 41, i stop after i got golden tier, its worthless! Who would ever want to get 1 hit - kill, tons of pve deaths for just an 80 points? No proper drops as well, its a trash!

I tired low lvl runs, its easy as pie compare to end game, low lvl cant 1 hit you and make runs easy and fast. I see the point of those who runs at lvl 41 and they got pissed? they should be! Who wouldn't? They got their *** kicked from LB because of a twink who runs easy at low lvl, pretty smart but obviously cheating. LB stated a lvl requirement already so i am expecting they followed what they posted, still, they didnt and they still didnt fix the "twink-glitch"

The ties are ok, rewards on LB is ok but everyone became greedy, break ties at last minute and ask players big amounts of golds just to make a tie? Thats funny, sts should stop the LB special reward, it ruins everything. I would prefer things to be put in crates and just put a litle amount of it being looted so that it will remain "rare" ..

07-24-2014, 09:07 AM
Overall it was a pretty good event. Only complaint would be the essence drops. Sometimes you would get enough to craft an energy from one map. Others times it took 10+ maps to get one.

And dovabear as a reward for gold tier, thank you. This pet was the motivation to get 6 characters to gold.

07-24-2014, 09:13 AM
The Ursoth's assault was one of the best event I've ever played. As usual I have some likes and dislikes too, which are given below.

Likes: 1) The craftable energy kit was a huge + point of this event. Please keep this craftable energy system in future event.
2) The Gold tier was a good challenge. Thanks for making The gold tier reachable at just only 3000 points. 3000 point is average to give a good challenge.
3) Gold tier reward was a good one.
4) I do like hardcore boss like Helena and Ursoth. Player needs to pay attention to beat such boss.
Dislikes: 1) Only three free energy kit? Really, there should be more free energy. Reduce the free energy time. 8 hour for 1 free energy is boring.
2) Sometimes I felt like there could some more items in the token vendor.
3) Silver tier reward was useless for me. Those spirit chest had no better drop. I opened only those three rewarded chest and got some lower level epic items. That's why I did not craft the spirit chest.
4) Please match player level to closer one.

Anyways, we always look forward for better. Thank you!

07-24-2014, 12:23 PM
The only problem for me is ...

When we enter event map (corrupted grove) and then got disconnected from server, we lost our precious energy

Can devs team fixed this thing on next event?

Or we just have keep on losing energy ...

07-24-2014, 01:41 PM
The only problem for me is ...

When we enter event map (corrupted grove) and then got disconnected from server, we lost our precious energy

Can devs team fixed this thing on next event?

Or we just have keep on losing energy ...
If they fixed it there would be abuse.

See Helena, turn off your devices internet connection and repost until you don't get Helena. Though it might take 10 tries before you get a non Helena boss it would be worth it.

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07-24-2014, 02:05 PM
Good work from sts. Thanx for the event..
I like the new vanities nd bear pets..

07-24-2014, 02:20 PM
I loved the event. Nothing to change. Just make better drops on higher bosses and if possible make it 6 bosses rather than 4. Thanks STS.

07-24-2014, 10:04 PM
I was able to attend the event for only 5 days since i was on vacation (and no wifi there). But I like it a lot! And I like especially the new mythic gun and hopefully it wont be so inflational like the first mythic gun. I'm done pvp, but a little distinction here and there doesnt hurt :D

I only wish there had been more interesting quests. The ones accompaning the event where laughable simple and boring. That is a longterm request from me to sts: bring more adventure to the game, make it more complicated and lasting so we can have some fun besides all the grinding! (remember the mythic-gear-update quest? Or gleipnir? That was something!)

07-25-2014, 10:33 AM
After achieving gold on my characters, I felt no need to go back and play the event. So the event system did not last very long with me. I mostly enjoyed crafting the crates, shards, etc for profit.

Event runs were not profitable. 10k for a kit. Low chance at loot. Potion money. Cost ineffective.

Remove the energy system so we can run the event level(s) more and have a chance at making a profit.

07-25-2014, 10:43 AM
Great job sts team its hard trying to please everyone and thank god you don't try to. Helena was a necessary evil to the game, or an attempt to have a challenging boss, besides ursoth so good job either way. I honestly did not care for helena but was ok with her purpose. Besides the loot upset of not getting a new mythic I enjoyed the event

07-25-2014, 05:42 PM
AL's je nais se quoi got buried under too much freemium (rest in pieces, casual gamers), and then came Ursoth. Event itself was unmemorable, minimalist but not in the good way that once tickled our imagination, could've been an interesting co-op experience but wasn't. It didn't pay to play, it didn't pay to pay, but it paid to farm essences afk as some of us figured out early on.. then back to auction legends. Han(d) Solo. Unexciting stuff to redeem with points - like that recycled leaf dress that we joked we got from Kmart - On discount. Another "best hits" version. Helena wasn't an issue although she prob qualified as the most obvious annoyance besides the stubborn energy system. Sure rewards were multi-leveled, some may argue many benefited, but "spread out too thin" seems more accurate.. maybe even "rewards" is too strong a word, since those vanities became more of inventory clutter than anything.

As for the leaderboard runs - drama, drama. Well this time besides the usual limit-pushing I was out to be done with AL. Boy, I couldn't have wished for a better detox programme. :) I don't know how the other top lb-ers stayed focused but I would have most certainly fallen asleep if I didn't get work done at the same time. I'd imagine coffee sales shot up in random grocery stores around the world. :) it was so straight-line and repetitive, you could actually actively farm on 2 characters at once if u could manage. The ties and twink things were funny as, I welcomed the creative thinking but felt sts was lazy and clumsy in handling it. Yeah I said it.

Srsly though, Getting into some specifics :

♥ Fix that elondrian ward glitch. Doesn't work sometimes - not often but still. And if we don't buy it least give us the tick box option to "do not ask me again"

♠ Require the character to be level 35 or whatever the future req is *before start of event* to qualify for prizes at all. Let there be a cut off time, be transparent about it. Use that timestamp gimmick u did for your level cap contest - the same one you officially cited, right here (http://www.spacetimestudios.com/showthread.php?143664-Winners!-The-Great-Singe-Rescue&p=1531477&viewfull=1#post1531477) on forum, as reason I didn't get a singe egg even though I would've won one - so u can't bluff ur way out of this one. :) Some consistency here would be nice. Too much work? Ask what's left of the active community to report any anomalies, so u'd only need to do a couple of spot checks. Even random non-lb people would PM me to welcome me back from my sleep breaks on the dot - they'd know if something came up, and they'd probably even have timestamps on that.

♦ Disallow & disqualify ALL ties. I wake up one day and no. 2's got us in a tie! ofc my endscore was the pseudo-elegant birdflip of an answer. Hey free business idea : someone twist some arms next event and open up a flash tie business. How about a tagline, "caught in a bind? get a tie". 15m a pop. Lmao can get the T-shirts made while they're at it. Tie-dye. But srsly. Extra prizes for ties is just trashy and tots anti-competitive, pls shut that down.

♣ Adopt a zero-tolerance stance on direct threats / blackmail attempts made to leaderboarders during your time/prize-sensitive events. When disgruntled players flood our screens with yellow pages of "it's -impossible- to farm points so fast, I spent 28m but won't get anyfing or anyfing so I WILL BAN YOU and <long list of lb names>, u better tell me your secret", using multiple chars to bypass ignore, and we report it to u with screenshots at mod or support level, pls have the common decency to respond properly, or direct us to someone who will. A few days ban for blackmailers would be nice. :)

♥ Cust svc - needs to improve by a few notches, but I think u already earned plenty of overwhelming , detailed and flowery-worded feedback on this from my sisters & brothers of other mothers. :)

♦ Give prize owners at least 2 weeks peace of mind to *physically enjoy* their winnings before destroying it with the announcement of a new item/pet esp if they appear to be in direct competition. It matters how it appears to the community. U know.. when people spend that kind of time and gold, they wanna feel good for a good while. If they don't, they generally don't come back. basic common sense.. It beggars belief that u even need to be told. So simple. u could've previewed that new pet without releasing vital stats for instance. Shot urselves in the foot there do u see?

on the flip side, your timing was so bad, it became impossible for me to get angry.. it was so unintentionally comical, and plus ur occasional staff response on forum reminds me of the "emperor's new clothes" story.

I doubt this was what u had in mind when the idea was hatched. U used to take a lot of pride in a good basic product and it showed, now we're being $hown $omething el$e u know what I'm $aying. We used to be able to laugh with u when the bards sang, for eg, now there aren't any of those moments left but "the price has gone up" (did u spot ur own bael reference? no?). I stopped publishing vids n guides n I'll tell u why - coz what I make is happy & charged in a way AL hasn't been for a while. I will help keep the mood high, lift it higher, but not carry it up that much higher than it is for that long. So I shan't. Players were desperate to see if AL could still really be genuinely enjoyed casually, and I'd say that's forcing it. I couldn't misrep. That's why after the Tindirin vid (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bcmAJMmgsE), I successfully recorded egg-cracking with a hybrid legendary team but am keeping it unpublished. I think many of us have stuck around for that "something" to come back but it hasn't. idk what u gonna do but if u gonna do something abt it do it fast.

I'm reminded of something the infamous Simon Cowell once said (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/moslive/article-2114945/Simon-Cowell-Ive-failures-The-biggest-times-I-believed-hype.html) : 'I've had many failures. The biggest were at times when I believed my own hype'. Food for thought. The worst hit r prob those who've played 4 months n under but already plonked down 4-figs. Hopefully things will improve for these friends who choose to stay and watch, if not u know how to find me :) Well thanks for the good times, hope I gave u some laughs along the way .. I don't rly believe in goodbyes, only more hellos, so, hello! -waves- Maybe, you, me, again, a different day, a different place, a different space. Don't look back. :)♥ , ♣

07-26-2014, 02:22 AM
I enjoyed the event. Everything worked out well except Helena was too hard for the loot she gave. Helena was only too hard because she slowed you down before charging her 1hit attack which seemed to be heat seeking. Being able to craft energy was a nice addition. Dova bear being attainable via gold tier was nice as it gave non plat spenders a very good pet or 300k+. The new vanitys were also nice looking.

07-28-2014, 04:38 AM
I liked it, but tarlok was still better.

What i wanna to say, the beta testers did a poor job again. This event was delayed for long, and still bug? In addition, at the start of this season, when you guys locked the elite maps, some smart players were able to access the first nordr elite map through a quest 'go to' button. During this event, the exact same bug happened.

Please learn from your OWN mistakes.

lol, who is simon cowell?

07-28-2014, 07:56 AM
Loved it. But as ppl mentioned, helena was too tough. And her best loot might have been a locked crate of the watch after reroll. Which was insanely stupid. But ursoth loots were great! Love that troll. Hole I see him again. And yes the spirit chests were a waste of entangleds and crafting time. Entangled gave better loot than spirit chests. And I have the recipe still for the elondrian locked crafting and the essences. But I cant craft anymore which saddens me. Now they just sitting there in inventory. Elondrian essences. :mad: But overall I love this event! Much better than goblin event. And ty for making this event!! :D

07-28-2014, 10:46 AM
well i was unable to get on for the event. But from what i heard and kept up with on the forums here it was dissapointing. I'd rather more stuff or better rewards from bosses and vendor. or make it more like tarlok. also i was unable to get dovabear cus i couldn't get on but a friend of mine did get me one so i'll have it when i return.

07-28-2014, 11:26 AM
Tarlok event brought all people together.

Ursoth event brought all rich players together.

07-28-2014, 12:58 PM
Ursoth still brought people together, somehow. It just had that irritating limitation of energy. But I was able to appreciate how people in the guild still helped each other in spite of that limitation.

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07-28-2014, 04:20 PM
The event Was Great, Although Most People Weren't Up For The Challenge of Helena, I Rather Enjoyed The Challenge, Dovabear Is Awesome, The Druid Armor Way Strong, Even Stronger Then My Previous Demonlord Armor. Didnt Like How People Spawned Out Of The Helena Fights Really Killed My Total Point Earnings as well as My Coin Earnings.

Id Say Make It To Where No One Escapes The Boss Through The World Map, One Way In One Way Out! haha can just see all the complaining that would bring!!

07-29-2014, 12:13 AM
was fun, worst part were having to do it with a bunch of people who didn't know what they were doing during Helena x.x FACTS, best was the vanity sets

07-29-2014, 01:07 AM
... This event was OK at best ...
1) This i feel is the most important thing of all. THIS IS First & Foremost an application/GAME, not an STS cash machine. I get it money needs to be made, but don't make it increasingly obvious EVENT after EVENT that MONEY to be made from your player base is primary VS. the actual enjoyment & fun factor of your game content being secondary.

2) The Game/Social content is what brought 99.9% of ppl to download this game app., NOT how much each event keeps increasing in player cost (if you want to remain competitive/endgame/pro player/pro pvp/serious players). Great way to treat the player base that keeps your game afloat by adding Deceptive wording for x2 Mythic Chance in Elondrian Chest drops, (to drive up locked prices for false x2 chance vs. really stating "the actual x2 roll was the REAL CHANCE" and placing limitations of energy kits to keep running events, offering htem as a PLAT purchase item & the crafted version non trade-able.

3) Pug groups that could have a 9 level gap between them.... Why? When you've limited this in normal zones already but it doesn't apply to special event maps?

4) Once you hit gold tier & realised LB was way ouuta reach the event was over for many.. what was the point to continue after you got your vanity? Oh the chest you could craft with the set 0.000001% chance mythic drop rate.

5) Fun ideas placed into the event, cool pet ideas, vanities, Ursoth theme..You get a A+ there

6) When a game developer starts thinking of how much $$$$ or how many ways we can get $$$$ from our customers 1st & the actual fun, enjoyable factor you will lose in the end.

7. I downloaded this game because a friend told me how fun it was, & I've since told many friends to download this game so we can enjoy because of it's FUN FACTOR, FUN Content Great events... But once you realize this has become a pay-to-play if you actually want to achieve things in this game... The app gets deleted and we move on... Then where does the revenue come from? No more recommendations from player base for friends to join, lets just find another game to play that doesn't try to exploit So Many ways to make $$$$ off of us.

8. It's been said many many times Tarlok event was the best, learn from that feedback. When you have too many complaints on an event from hardcore players that do invest $$$$ that's not a good thing. It doesn't hurt you to reward your player base and make things attainable, like actually make the ELond chest REALLY give you x2 the chance.. y wouldn't you? It's not like I can sell my game Samael for any monetary amount... I simply enjoy it while I have it... STS is happy for my plat purchase used to open crates & i'm happy for a legit (not deceptive) way to gain a reward.

9. Ursoth lacked the fun factor & the $$$$ to be made off the player base factor became ever so obvious.

07-29-2014, 05:26 AM
I loved this event it actually gave the less fortunate in the game a chance to earn gold I made 3 million in one week from the event thanks sts :) next time maybe longer event and more banners and vanities.

07-29-2014, 06:18 PM
The event was good but.........
I think the event could be better with this:

more bosses (+5 bosses)
To enter in the event map just farm portals on any map ( portal in city is just bored )
More items to buy with tokens
No energy system

Tabeer Amin
07-29-2014, 07:01 PM
Nice to make money
Bad to aim for s&s cz of the requirement of plats or huge money and sleepless nights

08-01-2014, 12:12 PM
good event.
bosses were great, including helena.
new gears are very cool, all the way down the line.
i made some money and still have elo locks to sell.
also bought some more plats on the cheap, love that.

Good job STG, please don't let the whiners and haters get you down.

08-03-2014, 06:23 PM
The prospect of encountering Helene killed the event for me. Ran it first 3 days, then it was tedious because of the ridiculous amount of HP.

08-05-2014, 12:38 PM
The new gear and pets were awesome but the boss fights were too much time consuming.

08-07-2014, 04:33 PM
I ran with randoms like 2/3 through the event. Then 1/3 with guild, which made it almost tolerable, considering the non-existant Helena-loot.

Helena made my L41 rogue+mage increase deathcount by 25 percent running with randoms. With a low deathcount before event, 25 percent sounds like a lot, but there was still too much death!
My warrior was fine though, having spent 2m on Magma armor right before event. What a waste of money that became.

I also got so pissed off on the ones that left! I have collected screenshots with some of the names. I'm itching to deliver the names of some of the players who abandoned the team when it was Helena. But for now they are just on my ignore list.

Spirit chests was a waste of time. Should have opened all my Entangled ones instead.


Summary of this event for me:

2 new pets (Dova and Lil' Bear)
TINY increase in chars stats.

Made my new equip worthless, loosing about 1m. Which is A LOT to me.
Put people on my ignore list.
Too many deaths.

IF you feel I left something out, in PROS/CONS, then it's because I deemed it to unworthy of mentioning.

08-07-2014, 04:43 PM
And another necro-.-".

08-07-2014, 05:13 PM
Ursoth event was hands down and good event thanks S.T.S.

My favorite thing about the whole event was we were able to run maps and farm energy essence, what a great idea you guys implemented there. I also loved the spirit chest and the elo chest and how you could craft one elo out of three spirit chest, also another great idea :)

I almost wanted this event to be permanent ......hehehhee

Got everything I wanted plus more. Not to mention the re sale on the ''elo '' locks was super good investment made couple mil off of those alone...lol

thanks for another great event S.T.S. I missed the Halloween event last year so I look forward to this one :)

one last note thing that I really favored the most was this Ursoth event had so much to do plus things to do in game you were so busy hunting and farming that there is just so much you could enjoy , farming essence ect ect.

+ 10
this part I would love if it was permanent meaning make more stuff for us to collect and craft maybe :) :)