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Milan Lame Man
07-23-2014, 07:57 AM
It has been suggested a few times here and there but I think it's important enough to be asked again.
Please add a quick way to spend a kit that it somewhere in my inventory, including:
- The existing Quick Elixir button would offer kits first, and only cost plat when I have no kits of the specific kind (it would be awesome if also the number of kits was shown)
- Entering an event portal should offer to pop a kit, rather than spend plat, if there is an energy kit in my inventory (forged energy first, then universal energy, and then plat)
- If the XP/Combo button must stay on World map, make it a shortcut to kit as well
- If revive kits are introduced, this is the way it would work - the kit would replace "Spend 1 plat" button.

I cannot think of a reason someone would want to spend plat if they have a kit, or
why someone would want to spend universal energy kit when they have a forged one,
so I'd say simply replacing existing Plat button with a Kit button should work well.

07-23-2014, 08:11 AM
I approve of this Message!

Also on the next client update, it might be time to create a new category/section in our inventory exclusive to Kits/slots as they are neither chests nor eggs.

I know it has to be created this way to fit in to the current system, but it does need to be revamped for the future.