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Hey everyone! Some people think of the rhino being too underpowered. This thread will explain why the rhino shines and it's many roles in combat in my Experiences. Plus my rhino is lvl 62.

Roles in combat and How It Can Work


Probably what the Rhino was designed for. It has a taunt skill: Summon. It increases aggro to enemies in range. It also gives a -hp/sec debuff, which is not important in dungeons. It has two armor buffs, Steel Skin and Guardian. Steel Skin is pretty short, but works well in both PvE and PvP because of the massive armor buff. In PvP it is a vital skill to use if u plan on killing a Mage or Bird. I couldn't find anything about Bears(they murder me in seconds) and Foxes(I couldnt find fox PvPers). Guardian increases your armor a lot too, but also removes debuffs and protects you from them. The Juiced Combo(Charge then Redemption) deals great damage, and restores HP equal to the amount of damage dealt. If you get low in HP then cast Heal, which restores massive HP because of the HP Regen.

Healing and Support

Heal, the most important skill in a rhino's arsenal, restores the HP of all surrounding allies, and gives big HP regen to the caster. The result is a big chunk of HP restored to self, and happy teammates getting a chance to survive. Another important skill is Guardian. It summons doves(I call them chickens lol) to protect self and surrounding teammates with a good armor buff. And it removes debuffs and grants protection from debuffs. The force buffs aren't much to talk about, but Vital Force increases the damage dealt by the party a nice amount. And grants a great hit% rate buff so you don't have to increase your dex so much. And last of all, and very important doing hard mobs and bosses, Reincarnate. It gives the option to players KO'd(Knocked Out/Dead) the chance to get back up at the same exact spot they were KO'd. So no need to walk through the dungeon and miss the boss getting killed.

PvP and Ctf

PvP is a completely different world for the rhino. Everything matters. Equipment, stats, skills, even class. The rhino is pretty good PvPer in lvls 12-21, because the birds are still weak at this point and the bears are slightly easier than other lvls. The Mages will be easy pickings because the armor they can equip are still have rather poor armor. I don't know about foxes. In rhino vs rhino, it's who runs out of mana loses. Mp regen is important here. I got this mostly from other PvP guides. Heal, Guardian, and Steel Skin are the most important buffs in PvP. The Juiced Combo(Charge+Redemption) is your best method of damaging. But players can disrupt this combo a lot. In PvP later on the only thing you can kill are inexperienced mages. Capture the Flag(Ctf) is simple: spam charge until u get to the opposing team's flag and spam charge back to your base. That's why rhinos are popular in Ctf.

Boses that have AoE(Area of Effect) attacks

THE GALATIC OVERLORD found in Alien Oasis Part 3
Aunt Emma found in Mount Fang
Count Vlod in Mount Fang

Gurgox in Alien Oasis Part 3 does have a AoE attack but no Rhino skill will help you.
If there are bosses in Humania and Blacksmoke Mountain that have AoE attacks please let me know :)

Comparing to Bears and Mages

Vs. Bears

Bears were made to tank, crowd control, and damage. But their healing skill is pitiful. Rhinos have a heal that gives massive HP regen, so they can last a little longer. And 2 armor buffs!

Vs. Mages

Designed for healing, support, and mob destroying, the mage is a offensive version of a rhino. But here's one problem: they snap easily like twigs unless they invest in str. Rhinos are the defensive version. They do have two AoE skills:Rhino Might and Tempest. Tempest is the only skill affected by int, so no need to add int. Rhino Might can always stun enemies for 3 sec at max rank. Rhinos have 2 armor buffs, while the Mage has 1. The rhino's heal cannot be spammed, but the effect is great on the caster. Mages affects all allies around them, but no bonus regen for themselves.



Your first offensive skill. Also the first ingredient to the Juiced Combo. Great for rushing through dungeons and closing into kiters.

Rhino Might

It's range is 4m, and some people get mad because a Bear's Stomp does the same thing but it reaches farther and more stronger. But who cares? You will mostly get real close to targets in battle.


Rhino's healing spell. MASSIVE HP regen to self and a little bit for the others around you. Required for tanking.


The best damaging single target skill the Rhino has to offer. Great damage and HP equal to half of damage dealt is restored. The other ingredient needed for the Juiced Combo.


The rhino's skill that was designed like the bear's taunt. Essential for tanking.

Vital Force

Gives your self a great hit% rate buff, along with a nice chunk of damage for everyone. I nearly forgot the crit rate buff for yourself.

Brute Force

Gives a measly 5+ armor to everyone along with dodge rate buff for yourself. I can't find much
Positive stuff for this skill.


Summons the almighty doves(I call em chickens) to protect those surrounding you. Removes all debuffs from everyone and gives a rather good armor buff. Also adds dodge to you. 3rd Best skill for the rhino to me.


The best offensive skill the rhino can pull off. Massive damage to enemies around caster and a slight knockback and stun. 2nd Best skill for the rhino!


It means a dead thing to be brought back to life in a different form. Like a dead lvl 76 bear with that precious savage set turning into a lvl 1 bird. But in Pocket Leegends, the dead is still brought back to pice in the same form, only that the player is happy they don't have to walk all the way to the party.

Steel Skin

Increases armor significantly for the caster. It does have a short buff time, but time it greatly, and it can be your savior in life or death situiation.

That's all I can think of for now. I'll try to add some new info soon.
If I made some mistakes or or you want to me to add something, feel free to tell me

Thanks to Whisperwalk's Definitive Guide to Rhinos
I learned some tricks from it.

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If u wish to see my rhino

Ramramlord lvl 62

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But do the advantages outweigh the disadvantage?

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Depends on how up you want to use it.
These are mostly my opinions, so I can be wrong.

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Great work for community and newbies man! Thank you a lot!

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Great work for community and newbies man! Thank you a lot!

Great work, pro necro.

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Good job, looks good thanks!

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I just wish Rhinos had a bit more in the dps dept. My Rhino is 74 and can solo most dungeons his level, but its at a snails pace.

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Awesome explaining!:) helps justify the rhino class