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07-26-2014, 08:16 AM
why do you guys keep changing my sig,? it was , i tried al but it sucks more then i do and im a vampire ,its been my sig for over a year,,now all of a sudden you developers decide to change my sig ,fist of all how was my sig disrespectfull to anyone , im still supporting a sts game , you give us no new lvl cap, no new event ,this may be another tantic for sts to push people away from your games ,like you guys did to sl players, lack of updates on sl to push people to play al . So funny how a dev takes his time to change my sig , but dont do anything new for your older games

07-26-2014, 09:07 AM
Prob so when they push people to one game or most of them to AL, when they shut down the servers permanently for their other games there won't be a lot of commotion? Just my guess, but I don't think STS is completely done with sl,pl,Dl

07-26-2014, 10:23 AM
Me too .. .they focus on al. They dont care on dl.sl.pl .. .very sad :(

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Santosh Elangadi
07-27-2014, 07:18 AM