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(This story will also be written on Wattpad - 9/9/19)

On a cold, rain night in a dense forest, there were a man and a woman who ran very fast as they were being chased by a creatures called goblin. The woman was pregnant but still able to match the man's speed for the sake of their unborn child. Not far behind them the goblins were getting near and near and had drew their sword and spear.

" Quickly.." said the man while drawing his sword. " You have to get out of here. I'll hold them off. It won't last long though but it will buy you some time."
" Dear don't do that." the woman cried. " We can make it toget-"
"No ! honey don't you realize the goblins are faster than us. Soon they will reach us and kill us all. I know it's hard but this is the least we can do. You have to stay alive for the sake of our child. Make your way to Windmoore. It's the nearest city from here. Please make it easy for me." said the man.
" A.. alright. I love you, honey. We will meet again." The woman cried ignoring the reality.
" Yes we will." said the man hopelessly. "now GO !"

The thunderous lightning echoed. The woman then leave the man while holding her belly, protecting her unborn child. She looked back to see her husband. He shouted his battle cry, charging the goblins and then faded away in the darkness of the night. The woman continued running. After few miles of running. The woman was exhausted and stop for a quick break. Her stomach was getting painful and painful as the baby was ready to born. Oh no. i can't hold this no more. Honey please not right now. The woman thought while panting heavily. But her child was ready to born and it gave the woman an even more pain. Alright, i have to find a secluded place to give birth my child. Thought the woman. She observed her surrounding and fortunately found a cave not far from her. Then she trudged wearily and entered the cave. Luckily there was nobody inside. She finally gave birth her child.

"Wouaaaaa...." The baby cried very loud, seeing the world for the first time in his mother's hug. He was still covered in blood.
"Don't worry dear, mom is here. I promise i will protect you with my life." she said gently.
"Wouaaaaaa...." The baby cried.
"I know i love you too, honey."

The woman smiled to her son although the smile is faint. She worried why he's husband hasn't returned yet. But she already prepared for the worst outcome of her husband and when the goblins finally reached this cave. The woman wiped all the blood in his son.Then the woman's worst nightmare was finally happened. She heard the croaking voice of the goblins. She sobbed as the voice of the goblins was getting louder and louder. She felt very desperate. No one was there but them. The baby still cried didn't know what was going on around him. The woman covered the baby's mouth with her cold hand. Sooner or later the goblins certainly will arrived at the cave and the woman was very aware of that. She didn't want her child to got eaten by the goblins. But the woman didn't know what to do. She has no weapon and no one was there beside them. Then she realized what she had to do. She dropped her child on the ground and saw him for the last time.

"Such a cute and handsome my son is. I wish i could live longer to see you grown."
"Wouaaaaa..." The baby cried louder as his mother was about to left him forever
"Farewell, my son. I love you." That was her last words to his son. She smiled to him for the last time and then left the cave.

Outside the cave, the goblins have spotted the woman and began to chase her. They sprinted toward the woman. Still wanting another meal of human flesh. The woman ran leaving the cave to led the goblins away from it. I am going to die. But i know doing this is the best option. I can't let the goblins harm my child. With that motivation, the woman managed to ran slighty faster than before. Her wound from giving birth his son still hadn't recovered and leaving a blood trail behind her wherever she ran. One of the goblins became impatient and started to released his arrows that were heading straight to the woman's stomach which hit her, piercing her stomach. The woman instantly fell to the ground but still alive. She still managed to crawled. She was very determined to led the goblins away from her child inside the cave. The goblins began to laughing since they got another meal. But before they can approached the woman....


Suddenly all the goblins went flying. A gust of wind just hit them. But that didn't kill any of them. That just annoyed them. It turned out there was a man with green robe and brown pointy hat. He's a deadly wizard. The goblins charged the wizard. "Yol Thoor Suul!!" the wizard breath fire from his mouth burning all the goblins that charged him. The agonizing flame slowly killed the goblins. Now there were two goblins archer left. They look terrified after witnessing the wizard's power. The wizard then casted another spell. "Strun Bah Qo!!" A bolt of lightning came from the sky and hit the two goblins, killing them. Then the wizard saw the woman lying on the ground. The wizard quickly approached her.

"I'm Gustav. I saw a man's corpse that leads me here. I can heal your w-"
"No...time..quickly.. the cave...my son..." She made a gurgling sound and died.

The wizard felt guilty for her death. Then he came to the cave and found a baby inside, still crying loud. He then picked and hug the baby.

"Wouaaaaa.." the baby cried, didn't know that all his parents have been killed by goblins.
"Shhh.. don't worry you are safe child. I shall take care of you. "The wizard felt responsible for the baby
"I shall train you to become a good wizard and make you strong. Oh and you still don't have a name, do you? How about..umm.. Veldahar? You like that name?"
The baby chuckled and smiled.
"Ho ho hoh so you like that name. Verywell Veldahar, let us go home."

That's the story of how i was born in this cruel world. My parents were killed by goblins. I trained hard day by day with Gustav to become a great wizard. I shall avenge the death of my parents. I am the one who will slaughter all the goblins out there. I am the one who will be the hero of Arlor one day. I am Veldahar...

To Be Continued... (if i have the time to write it and not being too lazy :P)

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Also, everyone knows goblins use glaive like weapons or spears, never swords >;3
Also, everyone one knows Skyrim isn't in Arlor lel.

Otherwise, COOL STORY BRO :D

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Thank you guys !

Also, everyone knows goblins use glaive like weapons or spears, never swords >;3
Also, everyone one knows Skyrim isn't in Arlor lel.

Otherwise, COOL STORY BRO :D

Well i dont really pay much attention to the goblin's weapon lol. and yeah i really love playing skyrim so i think it would be cool to use some skyrim references :eagerness:

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Cool story bro.. Lol

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Thanks :)