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08-06-2014, 05:14 PM
ok idea # 1: gem essence that can be found in locked chests and are fairly common but when crafted these gems could give 3 of every stat so 3 int, 3 str and 3 dex and you could buy a recipe from a new character that will allow you to craft a bunch of the super gems into a grand gem so this gem will always be a grand gem when used.

idea #2 this idea is still along the lines of gems... so i would like to see a gem that gives a proc and are harder to find but still not mythic/arcane rare to find these would be found in locked, elite golden dragon-scale chest', elite golden puzzle-box, and elite golden pirate chests. an glacial gem could proc - diminish enemy crit by 5% and on a grand gem 10%, a blood gem could proc diminish enemy armor and dodge by 5% and on a grand 10% and a fire gem could proc diminish enemy dmg by 5% and on grand 10%. NOTICE these gems would not give stats just proc... these gems should have a 20% chance to proc

idea #3 this idea came to me in a dream... don't ask lol.. this item like the other two come from locked and i a little harder to find and may be hard to add in ok so this item is found in a locked crate and is called "experience capsule" and what this does is it give you the experience stored inside the capsule's are found with no experience and must be collected so for example you could open the capsule in a wt4 run and all the experience gained in that run will go into the capsule not into your pet or your character then cane be opened onto a pet or sold in auction to another person who can then open it onto themselves the capsules will be opened with a command in the chat. so for your character to receive the experience you would type: /open capsule 1 <character name here>, the capsule's would be numbered by how many you have in your inventory. these capsules can contain 41 levels inside of them (the capsules contain enough experience to max your character)

idea #4 hunger ok so you could add a option for a switch in game where you can turn on hunger when you have full hunger (so your not hungry) you get an extra bonus to your character this bonus will depend on your level and character type, so a mage would receive a dmg OR mana bonus changable with a command in game and when your bar is not full you lose that bonus and receive a slow effect or you could lose mana or spells use more mana than normal.

warrior, warrior's could receive a armor OR a health bonus, this would be optional when the hunger bar is full the warrior can receive a optional health or armor bonus that can switched with a command. and when the warriors hunger bar is empty you lose armor/health and have a slowness effect

rogue, rogue's could receiave a dodge OR critical bonus. this is optional changed with a commend in game and like the warrior and mage you could recieve a slow effect and lose you bonus and lose some of your crit and dodge.

idea #5, 3x upgrade-able mythic armor the old armor can be upgraded again for dragkin teeth and could cost 100 dragkin teeth total... and with this upgrade the mythic armor gains another gem slot as a prize for all the hard work (this piece of the upgrade is optional) the mythic stats will go up again and are just a little worse than the new mythic armor.
*this idea came from Ilhanna.

idea #6 this idea ties in with the 3x upgrade-able mythic armor this will allow you to upgrade the mythic items, runic flare of lethality, vigilant pavise of fitness and entangled bow of tactics. these should be upgrade-able as well enough to be a little under the new mythic items. the upgrade could also include a extra gem slot like the mythic armor (still optional)

idea #7 war mode this idea ties into the nest idea war mode is a mode that is brought up by the gm and the guild will vote using a command in chat to decide weather or not the guild will go into war mode and can be declared war on war mode will last 12hrs-7 days also voted upon

idea #8 guild war's this is already a thing that people do but we could make a system for this so 1 guild could declare war on another (only if they are in war mode) and war's will be won by witch guild has the most kills and flag captures in a certain amount of time there will be a leader-board for what guild is the most "war pumped" (so witch-ever guild has won the most war's) the guild wa'rs will also count toward leader-board status eg: the top guild in the game
*this idea came from lucusly

idea #9 new guild hall's, new guild hall #1 will be only for the elite of people "elite hall" will be a guild hall only purchase-able when the guild has over 1 mill pvp kills (amount of kills can be changed as 1 mill is a lot of pvp kills) the guild hall could have heads as the surrounding the wall there will also be a pvp section added into the guild for guild only pvp (this pvp section will add kdr but will come with another for practice pvp)

new guild hall #2 this guild hall is purchase-able from sir spendalot in kraag and is solid gold and will award the guild a title

new guild hall #3 achievement crusher guild hall... this guild hall is only use-able once the entire guild has all achievement points in the game and will add a new section to the guild hall where you can see all the boss's in game

idea #10 guild auction house this is a auction house that only the guild can use and is accessible by only guild members and is the same as an auction but for guild member's only this will be an actual auction and you will have to bid on items and like the auction house in the outposts u can choose an amount of time to place your item in the auction and the highest bidder gets the item at the end of the time
*idea from croshunter

idea #11 bank, a bank will work just like a normal bank without the loans you can put money in (for a small fee of course) and receive a interest for putting your gold in the bank you will put your gold in the bank for a certain amount of time if you remove the money before the time is up you pay another small fee to remove it... (it would look like a stash with money amounts inside and time left on collection)

idea #12 guild bank a bank that only guild member's an use with a permission token given by officer's and the guild master the officer's and guild master's can only give so many tokens per day items can be put in guild bank for free and require a set amount f tokens to take out... amount set by item lister