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Milan Lame Man
08-09-2014, 04:59 AM
I've come up with some ideas for weekend specials, and also game overall. And I'm gonna share :-)

Weekend special, resource-wise:
- Half the time to upgrade mines and mills
- Half the research cost
- 20-30% off wall upgrades

Game improvements
- It would be good if we could revenge without losing shield
- It would be awesome if, on attack history, we could see the total cost of troops and spells used. I can add it together myself but still it would be nice. I don't have a mana launcher yet but the Defense history can show mana launcher burn if there is such a thing.
- Obviously, option to disable spending plat (on anything but builders ;-) )
- Option to reduce power consumption, similar to Arcane Legends, at least between missions.
- Ability to edit base even when castle is upgrading (new)

Improvements for the elderly ;-)
These are variations of "Click this for autowin", so they probably won't be implemented... but one can dream.
- I really wish that "allied" troops were ordered after my own units.
- Sometimes, on a phone, the screen is very small and it's hard to drop troops in a small space. Would it be possible to add a small "autoaim" radius, so that troops would drop in the nearest valid place? (I understand that a part of defense strategy is keeping trees and rocks at strategic places)
- I would love to specify the optimal "army", and the troops would be enqueued as necessary to replace missing units. Or at least be able to reorder troops that are already in queue. (I understand that managing the troops before battle is an important part of the game)

For the other commenters, if you don't like an idea, please supply 1 or 2 alternatives :vwub:

08-09-2014, 08:05 AM
Hey great ideas!

Personally, I think revenge without losing the shield is unfair.

I do think that if the game could recommend what troops we should deploy somehow, that would be a useful feature. I'm at a low level right now and I most just use 100% archers.

08-13-2014, 10:21 AM
Thanks for these great suggestions Milan. I'll make sure to pass them along to the devs to check out and will keep you all posted if any of them get put into action.