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Hey you! Yes you! Have you read Killerfu 2 Yet?

"Sister." Silkright was comforting Silknight as she told her all she had done.
"I really did all that?"
"You did. But it's all over now. You're you."
They heard a knock at the door. Snowfu came in, worried.
"Silkright, I'm doomed."
"For the last time," she said, "all you're doing is cutting the ribbon."
"Yeah, but I have worries about that restaraunt I'm cutting the ribbon for."
"Ugh. What?"
"Take a look."
He pulled up a screen with one of his last revival orbs, and what was displayed were criminal records. For a good amount of the chefs."
"Only TWO don't have a criminal record!"
"Interesting.But I have a theory. But this may tie into your friend Saira's visions. "
She started to explain. "Recently, Saira had visions that a terrible group of people would come back for specific people. I'll bet it was them. They must have a criminal record against them, not us."
Snowfu was already out the door. He had to get to Balefort to warn the sisters.
"Saira! Wake up!" He banges on the door, but Santai came out instead. "I'm not awake yet. Somebody better be dying." She said on a low, annoyed voice.
"Worse. It's just what Saira envisioned." This woke her up instantly. "Girls!" She shouted, pulling Snowfu into the house. "Wake up!"
"What is it?" Saitel asked her.
"The vision. Terrible group of people. We have to get thlse chefs out of there, and fast."
"But what about the other two chefs?"
"We'll have to let them know-"
The clock tower struck nine. It was time for the ribbon cutting.
"Meet me in Humania. Now!"

Shazbot looked relieved to see his son. "I thought you were going to be late! Whew! Do you know the chefs here?"
"I imagine I will soon."
There was a large crowd in about a minute, stomachs growling, waiting for even a whiff of some of the finest food in the spacetime.
The mayor of Humania stepped forth. "May I present to you... the Humanian Fish!"
Everyone clapped, some more loudly than others.
"Snowfu, if you will."
He was about to cut the ribbon when
Ice enclosed a bystander, freezing him to death.
Another shot. And another. Snowfu knew what was happening.
"Saitel, we have a sniper around here with a snowball gun, it freezes you instantly!"
"I'll try to construct a firewall."
"Everybody calm down." The mayor said this calmly, and then went into a fit. Snowfu slapped him. "Focus! Get everyone inside while we figure this out.
Another blast. Another person froze to death.
"Ugh, were is he?"
They looked everywhere. Behind things, on top of things, inside things.
"They're after those chefs. I don't know what they have to do with anything."
"There'll be time for that later. Right now we need to fi-"
Saira was shot woth a snowball and was instantly engulfed in snow. "Saira, I'll try to melt this snow!"
But Snowfu heard a voice. "Freeze, guys, hands up!"
"Oh ha, ha, ha." Yelled Snowfu. He knew no matter how many snowballs hurled at him, he couldn't freeze. So he jumped to where heard the sound, and looked inside a nearby tent. "Ha-" he heard a whisper beside him. "It's all over now."
And when he turned around, all he saw was a dark figure.
His first thought was Saira, who was out of the snow. But something was wrong. Very wrong.
No matter how many heating spells Santai tried, it was no use.
Saira was most assuredly dead.
Snowfu inspected what was left of the snow. "Ulti-freeze."
"What?" Saitel's voice was shaking.
"Ultifreeze. She died instantly, with minimal pain, I promise."
Saitel kissed her sister's head one last time, and buried her in the sand below. "We have to talk to those chefs inside." Said Santai in a soft voice. "Let's go."

"Who, now?"
"You heard me, we need to speak to the chefs. About five people, including my sister died because of their hunter. We need to find out who it is."
"Fine. Up the stairs and to the left. They should be in the break room."
And they were. All of them.
"Girls," said Snowfu, "may I present you the chefs- Cooker, Broil, Steamer, Bamboo, and that one guy." All he could see was his white apron and toge until he turned around. "And him, that's- fr... fr...." he couldn't make the sentence. He was so excited and dumbfounded. "That's Frypan!"
"What" Santai was scratching her head.
"He's only 'Alterra's best voted chef and meme creator!' I see that on the billboards these days. But to meet a culinary idol in person... just WOW."
Frypan looked like a sick cat.
"What's wrong?"
"I saw the attack a few minutes ago." He stared at the ground. "I should have been there to save them... and your sister."
"Frypan," Santai said, "it wasn't your fault. It was that idiot, not you."
"Well I feel like I still need to help. Where can I start?"
"You must have encountered him before, though."
"I have. Why?"
"We need to know who he is."
Frypan said simply, "Your killer is the one and only... Shazbot."
"No..." Snowfu sighed. "It can't be." But he had to known the facts. "Where do you think he is now?"
"The Vampire District."

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Part 4 can be found in the DL forums soon!

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Thrilling and Hilarious as always!