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08-13-2014, 05:54 PM

The Ursothian clones are angered about the death of Ursoth. These minions have reopened the rift of Elondria, in which the land is taken over by the Ursothian minions. They have traveled to Tindirin, and have taken Drake, the mythic dragon hostage. It is up to you to save Drake, and to defeat the Ursothian clones.

In this new adventure, there will be two new elite maps:

Elondria - Outpost Fury
Tindirin - Berserker's Jungle

Outpost Fury drops the new legendary weapons: Elondrian Scepter of Potency, Elondrian Sabers of Assault, and Elondrian Scimitar of Brutality. It also drops the crafting material, Elondrian Straw. Also, this map very rarely drops Dragon's Gem.

Berserker's Jungle drops the new legendary rings: Berserkian Junglestone of Brutality, Gnarly Vined Ring of Potency, and Gorillan Mighty Loop of Will. It also drops the crafting material, Dragon's Gem.

To craft the new pet Drake, you need the following:

1x Dragon Jawbone
25x Dragon's Gem
4x Dragon's Nest (each Dragon's Nest can be crafted from 5x Elondrian Straw)

To complete the quest line, you need to do the following:

1. Receive quest from Jaxxyl the Ursothian Tamer called "Ursothian Slayer". Destroy 1000 Ursothian minions and receive Dragon Jawbone.

2. Turn in quest to Vyxxyn the Camouflaged Fox. Receive quest "Pearl Hunter". Hunt for 24 pearls in all Tindirin elite maps. Turn in quest to Vyxxyn and receive recipe to craft Drake's Egg.

3. Do Berserker's Jungle (or Outpost Fury) to receive 25x Dragon's Gem. This can drop from mobs or bosses. You can craft this into a piece of gear to receive +54 Mana on a regular gem at L41, or +113 Mana on an exceptional gem at L41. You can also use them to craft a Drake's Egg.

4. Do Outpost Fury to receive 4x Dragon's Nest. Elondrian Straws are guaranteed only 1 drop from a boss.

5. Ask Zerbolt the Enchanter to combine materials. This process will take 7 days to craft, and you will receive Drake's Egg.

His stats are:

+12% Damage, +15 Primary Stat, +10 Strength, +10 Intelligence, +10 Dexterity and +200 Health.

Passive Ability at L40:

Mighty Bite: Does devastating damage to a single mob.

Arcane Ability at L40:

Mighty Rage: Has 5% chance to banish, gives 20% damage and 20% critical chance.


Hopefully this gets implemented, doubt it though. Thanks StG for the pic!

08-13-2014, 10:00 PM
When i saw that dragon pic, i was like, HOLY COW! That dragon nearly freaked me out. But good idea for a pet, even though i dont play AL much. But 7 days would be a nightmare for me to wait. And stats look good for a easy-to-get mythic. Also, do u think i is a good idea to make the egg unauctionable?

08-13-2014, 10:03 PM
Ooh, very good suggestion!