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08-16-2014, 02:06 AM
I just started a warrior, level 11, would like some experienced warriors to comment on what skills to build on him like.. what skills ( and ranking them up) maybe gear later on and stuff (please not high end gear if you suggest anything.

And if anybody would be willing to help me out ingame or something my Warrior's IGN is Drizzall, friend request that.

08-16-2014, 02:46 AM
1. Try to get a 50 inventory for farming , u can earn the 50 inventory sloy for story tokens -[bard quest in taverns]
2. Get legendary weapons the best and the faired price gears
3.once ur lvl 17 sell all the low level legendary gears in auction cheaper than the first seller
4.go hunt for locks in brackenridge all areas
5.sell gems they get sold out fast
this is a good method , by doing this methiod , ohh wait also sell vanity , hit me a friend request xbladenunterx no caps i earned steel heraldic vanity armour malison scorch ribit tribal vanity helm at lvl 24 i u can look like pro :]

08-16-2014, 03:39 AM
Hi again Zydrem :)

Skills: (No passive)
Vengeful blood: Focused Rage and Adrenaline Surge
Skyward Smash: Thundering Hammer
Horn of Renew: Increased Duration and Protective Shield

You should farm lockeds in brackenridge if you have luck elixer from Klass or Shazbot or luck kit from Consigment Shop, and then buy cheap legendary gears that has the high STR and INT.

Anyway, if you need help, click the link in my signature below, ask us what you need in-game ;)