View Full Version : Past Life: Mystery of the Caves

09-03-2014, 02:33 AM
This first trilogy starts on a dark, stormy night. Lenid found out that Aramire was breaking water. So he rode to Dark Forest as soon as possible. He searched for a tent. Most of the tents were occupied. Then he found one. He carried her in the tent. He encouraged her to push. Then the baby came. They named the baby Alderne.

After a decade, Alderne ventured into the cave nearby with his friend, Ardin. They found something shine in the darkness. They went to it and found many precious crystals.
Alderne: Do you think I should take it?
Ardin: Yes, we can't just leave them there.
So they came home with bags of crystals. Lenid told Alderne that they are precious crystals, and they were surprised.

After another decade, Alderne ventured into the same cave, but even further. He saw another thing shine, but bigger then before. He picked it up, and ventured further. Then he heard a sound, he ventured deeper until...
*to be continued in "Past Life: The Entity"*