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01-21-2011, 11:06 PM
A friend and I have decided we wanted to start a guild. I don't really know how guilds are going to work in this game yet. So. I don't know if I will be establishing any specific guild objective. Except. I guess to have fun. Don't look for me in game right now. If you wish to join. Pm me. And I will try to get bacck to you. What I do have in mind for the guild. Is higher levels helping the lower levels to get stronger. I believe in sharing the exp.no exp deduction for other players. So. Might as well. Also. I don't want to lay down too many ground rules. Because I wanted to check with my friend. Also. Don't be surprised if this thread goes to waste. I seem to not check forums often anymore. But. I will say this. I may probably end up the leader as opposed to my friend due to my superb calculating and research skills. And I do like to be mostly serious in game. I have played mmos a lot. I am a leader of a guild in wow. And in ddo. So. Yeah. I take games probably a little too seriously actually. If you don't want to join. But would like to friend me in game. Pm me. Alright. I'm going to stop typing because my phone is lagging.

List of Threads that may be useful to anyone, will edit if i find more





01-26-2011, 11:37 AM
I'm posting this as an update. So. Yep. I am currently the leader of the guild. I have not decided on a name still. My friend isn't playing as far as I know. I will try to keep everyone up too date.

02-01-2011, 07:15 PM
wow! i so want to join a guild without a name!

02-01-2011, 07:52 PM
Should call it Nameless. That way, you can get away with the title :)

02-01-2011, 10:04 PM
Wow. I'll join I've had a bad background but I'm a good person

03-19-2011, 07:45 AM
i apologize all, i have had too many issues with my phone, the other person who was to be the other "admin" or whatever you wish to call, is no longer playing as far as i know, so, i am now going to try to get back on, and get reaquainted with my characters and such, also, as a tip, check out some forum posts on the mathematics behind the game, it will help you to optimize your character for any instance. apparrently while i was gone my account was hacked, which is no big deal, i will be attempting to recover it, and if my characters are deleted, ill just start over, so, dont worry.

also, i will post threads that i think may be useful for people, such as the mathematics thread for enchantresses with stat bonuses etc. i will start posting the links to the threads on my first post.

03-19-2011, 07:49 AM
lol, i just thought if there was none, i think... people might be really confused as to whether people were in the guild and i think it would be totally hilarious if they tried to add them to a guild in game haha.

the guild HAS A NAME!! DeathWinds, just like all my other guilds in every mmo... >.> hah.

03-19-2011, 07:52 AM
Should call it Nameless. That way, you can get away with the title :)

i should have... would be awesome, but, there is a contradiction, actually, i realized something just now, the contradiction would explode peoples heads, they see, nameless, and they would probably think, "wait? nameless? but that's a guild name. so how is that not having a-" BOOM! might not be a good idea... >.>

03-21-2011, 07:51 AM
can i join?