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From the start there were a city, a city so Grand and beautiful that both gods and humans lived there in peace.
This lasted for hundreds of years, and it was peace.
However, there was also dark forces dwelling in arlor, and one day they would strike.
The gods realised this and chose 4 humans to protect the peaceful lands from total destruction.
These humans names was uller,himingleva,vili and inan'hesh, and they were strong.
They trained for Ages in the the hauntlet under kraag, and the day when the gods sensed the evils growing to extreme strenghts they was finally ready for Battle against the forces.
One year from this, the known story of what happened to the heroes continues, but what i am here to tell is the lost year.
The day when the evil forces striked was a normal day at first. Whilst fighting in the hauntlet, the heroes suddenly realised that the enemies did not end, they kept coming out of the ground! The undead skeletons was just respawning, and that day himingleva lost one of her eyes, but the heroic Battle of 4 against infinite skeletons is one of the bravest things we have seen in arlor til this day! When they finally made it out of there they alarmed the city, and the gods decided to do one thing for the town... What the gods did was to redirect the tunnels under kraag in to the poor part of town, today known as the dead city.
When the heroes heard about this they told the gods to leave, since they were Only hurting more people!
The undead soon took over the towns porer parts, today known as dead city.
The heroes decided that it was too late, and there was Only one thing to do. They dealed of the towns richer parts to save from more harm. Inan'hesh however had a kind heart, and told our other heroes that they were chickens, they could still stop this by selling of the hauntlet completely!
Uller however thought it through, and decided it was too risky.
INAN'HESH could not let the idea go, so one day he ran into the tombs by himself to stop the town from more dying, he did this knowing that he was most certainly going to die. As he ran through the tombs he realised that the mobs kept coming from underneath, so he smashing the floor with his mighty axe, and he imideatly fell down in a hole... When he landed, it was pitch black.
He looked around himself, Only to find darkness. As he moved forwards, he realised he was stepping on bones...
He looked around himself, and then heard a voice that Said: now, be gone.
As the voice Said this, the ground started moving, and the bones became skeletons...
INAN'HESH fighted his best, and after 3 days of endless slaying he manager to reach an end... With his last breaths he Walked up to a giant boulder and threw it against the exit. This boulder is what has stopped these mobs from what today is the legend of "the lower hauntlet" to take over arlor.
As inan died, he became a undead as the rest of the undeads. Today, we dont know why, something drive him to go to the ancient land of shuyal, and keep away from all people.
The three heroes that was left was in great sorrow, and never realised the importance of what inan had Done before he died.
Uller decided that he would keep the Gates from the north safe together with Vili, while himingleva Went to the southern seas.
In the north mountains however, the dark was still dwelling. One day Vili decided to go on a trip to patron the mountains, and was attacked and killed by the wolves wolves of Nordr, Who is controllers by the three headed frost leader! When uller and himingleva did not find him, uller decided to take on the leader of the beasts that killed Vili, and ran through the entire Nordr, slaying everything he saw.
The Battle between uller and the great 3 headed beast was tough, and uller had CHOPPED off 2 heads as he was forced to retreat, bleeding, most certainly going to die.
He Reached stronghold with his wounds, what he had Done was still a great deed. He weakened the entire frost species, and SAVES Nordr for the time being.
This sorrow was too strong for himingleva, and she took her own life in the evening next day.
This, is the story of how the heroes truly died.
Today, the forces of evil has risen again, and you are the defender. Will you do a heroic deed as inan, or just die off like Vili? It is up to you.
But remember, every time you kill inan you kill the saviour.

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I like it! Just needs some grammar fixing (sorry I'm still in school mode)

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Lol awesome story.

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I like it! Just needs some grammar fixing (sorry I'm still in school mode)

Grammar are for noobs, your stoopid! ;)

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uller decided to take on the leader of the breasts that killed Vili
LMFAAAO!! You might wanna reconsider what obee said X'D
Nice story tho, two thumbs up

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Love it.