View Full Version : 27 Say's....... Dont believe on rumors.

09-24-2014, 08:22 PM
Hi friends'

I am 27 from "The Masters" alliance, I have deleted my own game because of my studies. So dont believe on any kind of rumors. It was very nice to play with you all and specially my alliance "The Masters".

Posting this thread because just want to say bye bye to all of you :)

09-25-2014, 03:14 AM
Aw, cya!

09-25-2014, 08:03 PM
Always sucks to see one of the many great players go.. Hope you succeed in life :D

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09-27-2014, 03:48 AM
Good luck!


09-27-2014, 08:26 PM
:( aw I'll miss you 27

utkarsh saini
10-02-2014, 02:18 AM
27(amita))....... missing u......:-( :-(....