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09-29-2014, 05:10 AM
So I'm sure we have all wondered to ourselves, "What was Sir Spendalot doing before he came to Kraag?". Well here is the answer ;)

The Sir Spendalot Chronicles

He started off as a young, proud boy who was raised by his father Shazbot. He had always been wealthy as a child due the to amount of people buying fast forwards for their daily reward from his father. He loved his life and living with his father however something grew in him, a spark. He wanted more then what he had, he just had to find it, his hobby, his passion.


One day, he went home and sat at a table. He spent hours wondering what he could do but he never had any idea. He wanted something life changing, yet satisfying. He wanted danger, but not too much danger.


He tried so many things, however none of them were what he wanted. He tried:

Being an assassin.


Being a Tomb Runner.


Slaying the magical, powerful beast known as Trulle.


Nothing sparked him.

The next day he went back to work with his father, he stood there day dreaming. He had it! He wanted to be an adventurer, he wanted to be like the statue that stands proudly in Windmoore City. How had this never came to mind he thought, it was so obvious!


He loved the idea of being an adventurer. He had always heard of crazy adventures from the people that stopped by Shazbot's and now he was making these crazy adventures of his own. He started at Brackenridge forest however here he had already already came face to face with a rare beast, Singe! He fought the beast hard and wisely. In the middle of the intense battle he decided he no longer wanted to hurt the beast, he was sure it was only angry that he had invaded its land. He stopped.


Being an adventurer was crazy fun! He found so many treasures and was becoming richer and richer, almost as rich as his father!


He fought enemy's that only the most brave at heart would face off against. He found one of the most feared enemy's yet, who lie deep down in a treacherous, mysterious cavern. It was Ghul Bellybottom! This enemy had a reputation for being too overpowering for noobs. It was his hardest challenge yet, after what seemed like hours of fighting the outlaw, he emerged victorious. Surely this would get him into the big league adventurers.


Spendsalot finally made it to one of the most exciting places ever, Travellers Outpost. He had dreamed of this place as a small child and now he finally had fulfilled that dream. He was stoked!


Months had passed and Spendsalot had lived so many more adventures that shocked people everywhere. Some people didn't believe him, thinking of him as a fraud. However after showing them people his selfies he had taken with his Mythic Phone of Telstra they had to believe him. He was a hero! Almost like Uller, Villi and Himingleva! The places he had explored were amazing!

The icy, magical realm of Nordr.


He had come across magical capability's only possible with the strongest of magics.


After some time of laying down, Spendsalot thought his life was perfect, until the death of close friend and fellow adventurer Johan. He grieved badly, he knew he had to quit or else if the same fate came to him, his poor father would be devastated!


He had no idea! Adventuring was his life, but it was too dangerous, even for the best. Grief took over him. He had started drinking heavily...


He started becoming drowsy, he had lost count of how many drinks he had. He had passed out.


After waking up with a massive headache, he had strolled around Kraag. He walked over to one of many canons placed in Kraag's defence line. He aimed, took a shot. DIRECT HIT! 1 Gold coin was awarded. This had given him an idea, he had a love for Gold, and he had gained lots of it over his adventures.


And to this day, we know of him as Sir Spendsalot, his life as an adventurer was past. It was being forgotten slowly by all for he had started a new life. He had opened a shop selling only the finest of bling for numerous amounts of gold. He is loved by all, and grants titles to those who buy his items.


And that my friends, is of how Sir Spendalot came to be. Through the good times, and bad times he never gave up and found out his true passion for life. Hope you all enjoyed :)

The End!

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Fascinating story and great pictures taken! :o

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Fascinating story and great pictures taken! :o

Thanks Ins <3

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good: Semangat:

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Fun story.

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Haha thanks, this is what standing hours online of AL can do xD

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...i hate him though >.<
But, cool story

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I want to rob Sir Spendalot so much...

Wong Pua Fong Meifong
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A great adventurer :)

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The drunk image got me lmao

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He was a self made man, only take a loan of 1M from his father!

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I lol'd at the mythic phone of telstra:stupid:

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Plz Sir, Can I have some gold? :)

Drinking coffee...for your protection!

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I hate that boi but cool story haha

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Cool story bro!