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10-27-2014, 04:40 AM
Ooooh. GM. standards of battle command is decreasing
You released darium update. Made old troops weaker and added new troops. That's actually fine.
You moved the donation bar away and we have to spend time after each pvp to check whether we can donate or not for the request. ( like do I have those gems/ is it my own request or not ).
Uts really okey that we will get used to it.
Some new alliances do not have relevent gem miners and they end up in utter failer. Still we can go hard and recruit.
Trophy hunting cost a hell lot of oil and steel where as it is harder to be found. And thanks for adding more missions. ( Halloween )
So we find resources there.
GM we still got the biggest problem UNSOLVED .
I don't think I need to say more but here. Listen
For me after each pvp, or in middle of a pvp I loos the control over the game. Game doesn't respond to my touch and then right within seconds I'm in the home screen.
So with this instant troop building I attack one and grab like 40+ trophies and then I loos one as the game crashes and looses 30+.
I don't think you , me or anybody call this THE TROPHY HUNTING
Please fix this. This is killing me. Missing all these weekend prices is like missing everything . Please GM.... please:banghead

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