View Full Version : Pve build for ranger?

10-28-2014, 08:59 PM
Hey guys I'm getting back into playing pocket legends and I was wondering what would be a good pve build for the ranger

01-17-2015, 05:48 AM
I've gone full dex with my l76 fox because it's better at dealing damage than savage although at having less armour than savage foxes, when you have a good party for instance 2 pallies 1 bird and 1 full int mage. You don't need survivability.
1 Rabid bite, for some reason sts didnt make rabid bite above 2 a dash skill
9 Vixen kick, Main damage dealer
9 poisen needles, Other damage dealer with a cool debuff
9 Evasion, Armour buff and Dodge buff a need for foxes
0 Fury, because you dont need extra hit % when you're full dex
9 hamstring, a part of the Slam combo
9 poisen needles, High damage nice debuff aswell
9 armour shredder High damage and an awesome armour debuffer
9 Fox Howl, Damage debuff and High damage
0 Bandage, I don't use that skill alot of the time because it's nearly useless but i recommend putting 1 at it if you're a savage fox
2 Hypno, because i had to put the other skill point somewhere
9 Rage tonic, Damage buff

07-21-2017, 03:41 AM
if you max all your buffs and debuffs and keep your rabid bite at 1 you should be golden :3