View Full Version : GreenLord's Adventures-The Demon, The Zombie, and the Merchant

11-04-2014, 09:30 PM
Ramj was taking taking a nice jog on the jagged path that led to Barbrox's gloomy fortress. The only danger he encountered so far was a mean squirrel that pelted him with husks of acorns. Ram wondered if he should program some zombies onto his path to make things more...interesting. Nah, I like this peace. Ram continued on, singing the Star Wars theme song as he went.

Finally, after a long and boring hour, Ram was by the entrance to the fortress. Ram wasn't sure if it was a fortress or a ruin, because it looked mighty old. There wasn't a ceiling and many of the stones have crumbled down. "Well, Barbrox is in here." Ram whispered. He cautiously opened the splintery door and entered inside.

There were small torches attached to the wall, creating a eerie glow in the ancient corridor. Ram held his axe tightly. Three zombies broke through the floor, groaning. Ram quickly cut off their heads before they risen. Sighing in boredom, Ram walked along the corridor. Then, a soft mewing sound came from his right. He put his ear against the wall. There seemed to be someone crying on the other side! Ram smashed through the wall with his horns. It gave way, showing a small, dim room. A Vixen seemed to be chained to a wall. Her armor was shattered. "H-Heyyy, can your help me-eeee?" the Fox said in a rasping voice. Ram immediately cut off her chains. "T-Thanks, I'm A-Airrie. Who are you-uuu?" She said. "I'm Ram, the creator of Alterra." Ram replied. "What happened?". "That dang Silknight kidnapped me while i was taking a short nap! Airrie said. "She didn't let me go to the bathroom either!". "Hmm...." "Can you help me get outta here? I have been holding for a hour, and I'm gonna burst!" Ram definitely didn't want urine on him, so he decided to escort her to safety. "Do you know how to handle a weapon?", Ram asked. 'Well, my mother secretly taught me how to assassinate when I was five, so i am pretty got with a dagger." Airrie said. "Ok..." Ram said nervously. Yay! Airrie joins the party! With his new companion, they continued on. There was a big door in front of them, labeled, THE BOSS ROOM, in big red letters. "Ready?" Ram said. "Sure am!" Airrie said. They smashed the door and charged in.

To be continued....