View Full Version : The Revenge Of Silknight

11-05-2014, 10:32 PM
Silknight was thrown on a prison cell of the queen of alterra after being defeated by a rightous warrior SnowFu......A few days later....One night silknight was thinking how to bust out of prison and take revenge to the warriors who defeated her and continue her quest to conquer Alterra.....Silknight told to Herself...My Magic Wand has absored all its power!! I cant get out at this stinky prison!! Then She felt a presence of a dark magic She quickly Holded Her wand then she absorbs the Dark magic........After that She casted a spell to get out of the prison....The Guards were alarmed. The captain of the guards captain neko shouted CEASE HER!!!! But Silknight was so fast for the guards to catch her...Captain Neko told to the Queen..''My apologies your highness..but silknight got out of prison'' The Queen Said-''Hmm.. Call Dryraindrops The guildmaster of ''The Shot Callers''. By no time flat Dryraindrops was at the palace of the Queen The Queen Told Dryraindrops-''Dry call all your brave members of your guild and command them to hunt the evil witch silknight!'' Dryraindrops commanded his guild members to hunt Sillknight. Meanwhile Silknight was running towards the portal of blacksmoke mountain when she passed the house of a liitle bear...His name is Kurt.He got out of the house to get some fresh air when suddenly he saw silknight running ..He just staired at silknight saying to himself-''Silknigghhtt??!!'' He managed to follow Silknight until Kurt followed silknights trail to the blacksmoke mountains He saw the paralyzed guards
Kurt said why are the guards paralyzed?? then at the edge He saw a portal Kurt managed to enter the portal then after that..He saw a chaotic rocy and full of lava place luckily he brought a small axe with him so he brought it out in case some ''monster'' is gonna kill him...There where no fiery minions attacing him until...He saw silknight controlling a giant dragon..A giant red fiery dragon....He overheard silknight saying-''Destroy and conquer alterra!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA''

To be Continued........