View Full Version : Part 3 The Revenge of Silknight - Chaotic Battle of the 2 armies

11-06-2014, 09:29 PM
The army of the Queen was victorious at the first very moments of the battle....Meanwhile at the palace kurt was in a state of a head injury..a villager mage tried to heal him but it was no use so the Queen had to leave kurt to visit the scared villagers.Meanwhile at the battlefield Silknight's army are outnumbered until...Silknight summoned a giant portal The GIANT RED FIERY DRAGON came out of nowhere the Dragon breathed a line of fire..Injuring 1253 archers fiery golems started charging the mages paladins came to defend but they're injured ..Half of the rangers were stuck on a paralyze spell. Warriors are left to defend but all of them are outnumbered so they retreated to the forest haven..Dryraindrops called three expert healing mages to heal the army..They were all healed..At the palace Kurt was awakened by the roars of the dragon He quickly came to the Queen. The Queen was ashtonished The Queen said-''Kurt!! Are you fine??!!'' Kurt answered-''Yes Im fine my Queen..May i join the army??'' The Queen said-''No! its to harmful for you to join battle!'' Kurt eagerly answered the Queen-''I can do this!!'' The Queen answered-''ok.'' Kurt hurriedly got to the weapon's storage and grabbed a Savage Helm A Savage chestplate And a Savage Buckler but he didnt grabbed any weapon He just holded his axe but Kurt said-Why my axe is burning but it isnt melting??'' He ran to forest haven there he met a fox His name was Walie..Walie said to kurt-''Greetings fellow! My name is Walie'' kurt kindly answered-"Nice to meet you! My name is kurt!" Then kurt went to Dryraindrops kurt said-May i join the battle??'' Dryraindrops answered-''If you can take searing burns from the dragon...yes." Meanwhile at Balefort the fort was burned everything was destroyed even the consignment shop and stash were destroyed.The dragon breathed fire until the fort was turned into a pile of burning rubble..Dryraindrop shouted '' come on lads! let's reclaim Balefort!!'' They charged into dark forest there silknight's army is gonna pass..They quickly set up a line of walls then they attacked silknight's army..They defeated 17356 golems but there are still 40985 to defeat..Dryraindrops said-''We need help'' Then Humans from the island of Humania came they quickly charged the army kurt said to dryraindrops-''I have a plan..All Humans will batte the golems..since they're many while us will attack the dragon.'' Dry agreed to the plan.Dry quickly said the plan to commander of the humans.The commander Agreed.The humans attacked the golems while the army of the queen is getting ready to attack the dragon..Dryraindrops shouted-''ATTACK!'' They charged into the dragon mages and paladins spawned heal and buffs foxes are charging the dragon archers and bears are giving up all they can..Humans where about to defeat the golems but The dragon was enraged he flied then he called fire mages to help but the mages and golems were defeated the humans quickly joined to defeat the dragon the dragon was weakened by 1 last strike by Kurt his axe changed..it became a burning scythe then the dragon was defeated..