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The duo charged in, readied their weapons, and saw nothing. "Ummm.....where is Babrax?" Airrie said. They looked around. The room they were in was very spacious. No furniture except a table and four stools was present. Then, a massive shape appeared, revealing a spherical creature. It was almost naked, with only a simple, soiled loincloth wrapped around its' waist. A rather small head sdat on top. Two thick legs supported it. The creature yawned. "Watcha want? I haven't gotten my morning caffeine injection yet." "U-uhhhh...we came to pass this fortress?" Ram answered shakily. "Well, I need to get my flu shot today. I got a appointment from Dr. Emma." the creature said. "I guess I can stay here for a bit to have teatime with you.". It went to a wall and pulled out a remote switch out its' loincloth. It pressed a button, and the wall's bricks shifted to reveal a entrance. Muttering, the creature dragged itself into the entrance. Seconds later, it came out with a tray holding three mugs of steaming liquid. Airrie and Ram took the mugs, glancing at each other. Ram took the first sip. A extremely bitter taste flooded his mouth. Ram spat it out. Airrie was looking quite green. "What's in this foul tea of yours?" Ram said. The creature put down his empty mug. "Oh, a whole bottle of health potion. Don' you feel good?" Airrie suddenly feel out of her stool. "Oh, I forgot to mention that that bottle was expired. The creature added. "Did you know that expired potion is highly toxic, especially in high quantities?" Ram tried to scream, but his body felt limp, his senses failing. Then, Ram's vision blacked out. Then he heard "good night."

End of Season 1

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