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This is a walkthrough for THE FIRST CRAFTING QUEST.

Also, Scroll down to the fifth post for a walkthrough of Crafting a Level 5 Item (http://www.spacetimestudios.com/showthread.php?18809-Walkthrough-for-first-crafting-quest&p=214183&viewfull=1#post214183).

NOTE: for level 55 crafting, please see How to Craft Level 55 Gear (http://www.spacetimestudios.com/showthread.php?18741-How-to-Craft-Lv-55-Gear) by Physiologic.


The first thing you have to do is find Burke the Blacksmith. He has set up shop across the way from Ozz the Merchant.

Burke's Initial dialog box does not have a button for crafting items. Instead, he has a quest for you. Once completed, he will give you materials and a recipe for a blue beret.

Here is the quest text.

Go into Forest Haven I and slay four zombies.

When you turn in your quest, this is the dialog box. Be sure to select which recipe you want. Jewelthief is an archer, so he will take the archer's recipe.

This is Jewelthief's inventory in the crafting section. Note that the scraps can be stashed, but not the recipe.

This is Burke's dialog box after you've completed the first quest. Note the button that says "I want to craft items."

When you tap the "I want to craft items" button, you are shown a list of recipes. Find your recipe in the list. Jewelthief's quest reward recipe is at the top of this list.

On the recipe page, any items you own that are needed for the recipe have checks next to them. If you have all the necessary items, there is a COMBINE button at the bottom of the page.

This is the confirmation dialog box that appears after you tap COMBINE.
Note: the recipe is destroyed in the crafting. It is a single-use item.

Looking good!

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Nice guide, good work!!!

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This helps alot! Thx!

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Perhaps you can continue this guide to explain how to craft the more elaborate items. PLEASE :)

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I have finally received, as a gift from CanonicalKoi, a recipe. so now I can complete this low level walkthrough.

Thanks, Canonical...

here it is:


In order to craft low level items, you need to have the recipe and all the items listed in that recipe. Recipes are dropped by bosses in Forest Haven. Repeatedly running Meathead's Deli is the best way to find the rare items: gems and recipes.

But there will also be a need for up to 16 scraps that you will have to forge or sew together, and these are easier to get. Burke the Blacksmith has daily quests that you can run to acquire these scraps, and they also drop on occasion from bosses in Forest Haven.

Accept the quest for the type of scraps you need. I will be looking for plate scraps. You can accept up to five quests at a time. Accept five of them from Burke and then simply abandon the ones you don't want to do.

Perform the quest. This is the fun part.

Complete the quest. Store the rewards.

When you have four scraps you can combine them into a panel. The recipes to do this are provided for free in the blacksmith shop.

Tap the combine button.

Farm for gems and recipes. It takes a long time to farm. One way to increase the number of drops you get is to use a second device with a separate account. Here my level 50 dual pally bathes in the light of the orb awaiting meathead's respawn, while over in the corner Snakesbeer quietly collects a second drop each time.

View crafting drops under the anvil. If you see this, it is a typo. At this time, all level 15 recipes are green. In the recipes listings at Burke's Shop you can find the same typo. It is orange. It is level 5.

Note that any recipe you own is listed on top. Here is the recipe that dropped for CanonicalKoi off of Meathead in Forest Haven IV.

Buy some crafting items at the store. In this case, we need rivets.

Ready to combine. We have a recipe, 4 plate panels, gem, and rivets.
Summary: The recipe was a drop from Meathead in Forest Haven IV. The plate panels were made out of plate scraps that were quest rewards. The gem also dropped from Meathead, but this came from Meathead's Deli. And finally the rivets were purchased from the plat store for 2500 gp.

NOTE: A recipe is a single-use item. It disappears after you craft one item with it. To get another recipe, you'll have to go farming again, or buy one from someone else who farmed it.

Success! We are now ready to go level 5 twinking.

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Great guide for new players who may be confused on how crafting works. 5 stars!!! :D

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Great job! wow its blue? I just liquidated the recipe Lol

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Thanks. I just added a bit more.

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Juz asking where i can find those lvl 55 pink recipes

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oh yeah, and add me: Shinybiedge lvl 45 warrior/archer

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This thread is only about crafting at the beginning levels.

There is a great thread on level 55 crafting by Physiologic.

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Thanks Snakespeare! :)

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Very nice - I wondered if you were going to put up an example of crafting the lv 5/15 pinks and they're finally up! Tbh I have no idea how to go about crafting lv 5/15 pinks or where to get drops (I gunghoed straight into learning lv55s), but this will help me out a lot later. Thanks :)

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can you make a walkthrough on 1000 snowballs and cyber armour quests?

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Sure, Kossi... I'll get right on it. Cya next YEEEEAAAARRRRR!!!!! lol