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02-11-2011, 02:57 AM
| Fiuevy's Underground Guild |

Welcome to The Underground Guild, Where Gaming and Extreme Skills Clash Together.

What Is Fiuevy's Underground Guild?

The Underground Guild is a guild like no other:

Friendly Community.
Competitive Games.
Weekly Events.
PvP Fights.
Dungeon Trips.
Farming Trips.
Random Lotteries.
Free Power Leveling.
And Much, Much More!

What Does It Take To Join The Guild?

Must be active.
Level 50+ character.
Friendly, fun, helpful, and positive attitude.
Must not be in another guild.
Must completely fill and PM me the join application.


About The Guild:

The Underground Guild Website. (http://www.TheUndergroundGuild.BlogSpot.com)
The real name of the guild is: The Underground Guild.
This guild is just a fun based guild made to encourage people to get hooked on PL more often.
This is a fresh new guild looking for many dedicated players.
This guild will have a lot of events and hopefully be one of the most stable guilds out there for this game.


How Do I Join The Guild?

Fill out the following application and PM me it on the forums filled out:

1. What's your IGN?
2. What's your current level?
3. What's your timezone?
4. Are you planning on being a dedicated player?
5. Are you interested in becoming a staff member?
6. What's your character class?
7. Can you be depended upon on?
8. Are you willing to help other guild members level up?
9. How long ago did you start playing Pocket Legends?
10. What are your available playing times?


Current & Required Staff:

Founder, Owner, & CEO: Fiuevy.
Co-Owner: Empty.
Recruiter(s): Empty.
Banker: DGZ.
Even Planner: Empty.
Guild Organizer: Empty.
Content Writer: Empty.
Power Levelers: Tupacman.


Current Donators & Sponsors:




Current Members:

The guild will OFFICIALLY open once we reach 10-20 members.
Thank you for checking the thread out.
If you have any concerns or are in need of more details, PM me (http://www.spacetimestudios.com/private.php?do=newpm&u=29122) on the forums.