View Full Version : Suggestion: Hero units (drawing on skill trees, items, etc from Arcane Legends)

12-02-2014, 09:17 AM
This suggestion is to introduce hero units to lead the armies into battle. Hero units could have a simplified skill tree, equipable items, levels/upgrades brought across from Arcane Legends (& artwork).

Giving heroes a degree of customization, by drawing on AL, could be a lot better than clash of clans' generic 'Barbarian King' and Archer Queen' - which have pre-defined stat progression and skill unlocks every 5th level (no choice/skill tree).

Skill tree - simplified skill tree. Something like Arcane Legends or Dark Legends. Or perhaps give us three pre-defined 'paths' for each class - direct damage, defense/snares, support/healing....then let us choose which path to take. And in addition to a default spell/attack, let us slot one skill as a 'special attack' that could be triggered manually during battle (e.g. by pressing the icon to deploy your hero unit a second time - once they're in battle)

Items - Arcane Legends has a multitude of items that could be used - weapons & armor. It would be great if rare/pink items and/or AL-style chests had a chance to drop - e.g. when you destroy a Castle and/or when you three-star an opponent (creating extra incentive to go for 3-stars). Or if you win an Alliance battle, if they were implemented.

Auction house - if items could be used by heroes - it would be even better if there were an Auction house to trade items with other players...or even link it to the AL consignment store so there's ample stock from day 1.

Hero unit types - rogue, warrior and mage from AL would be obvious choices. Necromancer would be awesome too - if it could raise your fallen troops to fight on as zombies ;)

Maybe limit players to choose only one hero per deployment so it's not OP. And allow players to leave a hero on overwatch - to defend your base.

12-04-2014, 12:18 PM
Great idea!!!

12-07-2014, 05:28 AM
Thanks. I was try to think of ways STS could draw on their existing games - to create some killer features that wouldn't be easy for competitors to simply copy/imitate.