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12-17-2014, 02:22 PM
Since STS events are extremely limited to a few holiday contests I thought it would be great if the players themselves gave DL a bit of new life by running events themselves!

So this post is meant as an initiative for DL players to run events for their fellow players, by posting their interest and ideas!

Now of course anyone can post their own event/contest in the forum, but I thought of organising things a bit by creating this thread to see if there is interest for players to run their own events. Also, since all events need rewards, and there are many players out there who are rich and have many copies of the same vanities and lots of gold, I thought I should give them the opportunity to use their wealth to make things fun for themselves and their fellow players, by sponsoring some events, if they don't want to go to the trouble to run events themselves. They will be of course mentioned as the event sponsors!

Of course what I am suggesting has two issues:
How do sponsors know that the event organisers won't run away with their vanities and gold?
And how do event organisers know that sponsors will actually award vanities/gold to the winners after the contest has ended?
I (or another volunteer) can act as a buffer between event organisers and sponsors by collecting all rewards and distributing them to winners, to make sure there will be no foul play. How do sponsors and organisers know I won't keep the stuff for myself? Well, they don't, but I think after playing DL for 2.5 years I have established a reputation as a trustworthy player and not a scammer.


You have an idea for an event and are looking for a sponsor? Post below!
You have extra vanities/gold that you could give towards sponsoring an event run by another player? Post below!

Events can be PvE events, PvP tournaments, or simple contests such as fashion contests! It goes without saying that events must be playable without need of interference by STS (no need for an update or some modification) and must have rules that ensure fair participation for all!

Examples for PvE events:

Examples for PvP events:

Examples of simpler contests:

I myself have a couple of ideas for PvE and PvP events, but cannot afford to run them by myself. If anyone is interested in sponsoring with gold or vanities, post below and I'll PM you the details!

Cheers :welcoming: