View Full Version : instability, excessive resource consumption and heating

12-20-2014, 03:07 PM
Srs. Spacetimestudios.
I am writing on behalf of several members, alliances Latin Force, latinll Force and Gladiators. The game features a lot of instability, and repeatedly shows us half the battle.
But most worrying is that the game itself. presents a high consumption of resources, both ram and processor as our cell, I use a double motorola particular processor and 1GB of RAM, and the team has overheating and only when using your game, and even turn off my phone by heating and even use internet wifi, even so the game continually shows, happens less in Grand galaxy but it happens and there are also warm and exes battery consumption. finally in an iphone 4s also I present the same problems but less frequently. and some of my colleagues also did know me, why me to you. development team we urge them can help us to optener experience more rewarding game.
Thanked knowing your answer and solution to our discomfort,
atte. Latin Forces, Latinll Force and Gladiators.