View Full Version : welcome to new 2015.and my one year ago

01-01-2015, 09:23 PM
welcome to new year 2015.happy new year for all friend and space time studios
i hope you guys enjoy this firework video in youtube.


yeah my one year ago to play arcane legend!!!
i am so happy.in this game i am gonna start on 2013 december


if you want add me so please i am playing arcane legends.in my game name is humaia


this question is do you like humaia.
note please don't give answer in post.give in straw poll

this is link.


i am check strawpoll on thousday

in this year i want create 2 character

1.humaia.(mage)he is already in level 41
2.mr.humaia.(rough)i want starte
3.humaiax.(warrior)i want start

my long story is coming soon

so please enjoy this thread
i will do see you on another thousday

bye!!! :peach: