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There is an island,west of the realm of Arlor. Riddled with volcanoes and treacherous mountains, the air polluted with ash and dust,rivers of magma flowing across the land. Every year dragons from all four corners of the world converge here for a meeting. The dragons now meet to discuss the death of Tarlok.

In mount Fang-born, the tallest mountain of the island,rising from the ground like a large tooth. A chamber with red-hot lava on the floor with 7 large pillars around the walls ,acting as seats for the 7 dragon leaders. One by one large dragons flew in and took their rightful sits.

" This council meeting may begin," said Lady Tarewa , one of the dragon leaders. she was a salamander, a type of drake with a long serpentine body. " First order of business: the death of Tarlok and Valkoz."

"Valkoz was a fool for ever allying himself with that sorcerer," said Lord Rendtail " he wouldn't have died ,if he did not drag himself into tarlok's mess!"

" Rendtail ,you know that Valkoz's life was bound to Tarlok's" replied Syrillax, the ice dragon from the north " Even if he did not help him, Tarlok would have died and so would have Valkoz. At least allying would have given them a better chance."

" It was the Arlorians who have done this!" Cried one of the dragon leaders

"Indeed they have so, they must be held accountable," Lord Rendtail agreed" we must kill them for their ignorance!" With that being said the entire council went into loud conversation .

" Quiet!" Lady Tarewa Although they were primarily the ones who killed them, do not forget it was Tarlok that threatened them and they acted in self defence" Lady Tarewa said calm and quietly.

" Lady Tarewa has a point ," said another dragon

" While we stand here bickering , who knows how many more are those brutish arlorians killing," Rendtail retorted

" With all things considered , the council shall now vote" Lady Tarewa said " all in favor of exacting revenge upon those arlorians," 6 dragons raised their hands. "All who oppose?"


Everyone turned to Syrillax, the only one who rejected " I'm sorry but i don't think it sensible getting yourselves killed in tarlok's mess."

"How can you say that!" Rendtail said in anger " Valkoz is our kin and you can just sit there and say that!"

"yes," he replied coldy

" you are a shame upon our kind!" Rendtail stood on his hind legs and prepared to strike at Syrillax,he did the same.

"Settle down both of you!" lady Tarewa interrupted "the decision is clear we shall attack Arlor in honor of our fallen brethren, council is adjourned."

After that the dragons flew out. Rendtail took one final look at the ice dragon, his heart filled with disgust. You dare to forsake our kin, when I return , victorious in battle, we shall forsake you, Rendtail thought

To be continued

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Spoiler Alert: Syrillax and Rendtail die :P

Lol. Nice Story though ^_^

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good job! you just ruined it!

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looks like i better get on writing part 2

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Brilliant absolutely brilliant

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Ty my friends ,if you like it read part 2

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Was a great read, thanks for contributing. 😊

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Awesome work! :)

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